30.7.18 Gorsedh Kernow congratulates successful Cornish language candidates

Gorsedh Kernow has warmly welcomed news of the results from this year’s Cornish language examinations.  KESVA – The Cornish Language Board – set up in 1967 by Gorsedh Kernow and the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, has announced another year of impressive results from the 77 candidates who took their exams in June.

“Once again we are congratulating an increased number of successful  candidates, almost 15% up on last year, who are joining the growing number of people learning and taking exams in our precious Cornish language, Kernewek,” said Grand Bard of Cornwall Merv Davey, Telynyor an Weryn, “ and I would like to say ‘Keslowena dhywgh hwi oll’ which means ‘Congratulations to you all’ in Cornish, you have all worked so hard.”

Bardh Meur Merv Davey Telynyor an Weryn

Bardh Meur Merv Davey Telynyor an Weryn

The results are spread across the four grades of examinations currently offered by the Cornish Language Board with the largest group of candidates based in Cornwall and after last year’s big increase in the number of students taking first grade exams, numbers in the higher grades are now gradually increasing.

Kernewek is such a beautiful language,” said Merv Davey, “and a very important part of Cornish culture. We are seeing more and more examples of our language in our everyday lives, in shops, outside Council offices and police stations, online and on our tv screens with the Kelly’s ice cream ads! Many people want to know more about Cornish identity and we would enourage everyone to embrace Kernewek as part of our shared heritage. It doesn’t matter if you are Cornish born or not, it’s what is in your heart that matters and Kernewek plays a big part in many people’s lives.”

Cornish language students

Cornish language students

The Grand Bard once again expressed his enormous gratitude to all the hardworking teachers and examiners, many of whom are bards of Gorsedh Kernow, who give a lot of their own time to help a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds learn Cornish at classes, with self teach books or individual online courses.

“The Council of Europe has long since recognised the Cornish people and the importance of our cultural assets, such as Kernewek, under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities ” said Merv Davey, “and once again we call on HM Government to honour their commitment to the Cornish people and reconsider their cuts to Cornish language funding.”

The successful candidates for 2018 are:

First Grade:  Pass with Distinction

Raymond Bridgewater, St Ives

Paul Craze, Bristol

Wendy Dowse, Liskeard

Joseph Enys, Falmouth

Melanie Frankell, St Ives

Ivor Frankell, St Ives

Kerensa Moyle, Bristol

Fiona O’Cleirigh, Penzance

Amanda Odgers, Truro

David Pollard, Falmouth

Courtenay Rule, Dartford

Lucy Seale, Truro

Karen Sellwood, Falmouth

Carole Street, Redruth

Pam Vincent, Bristol

Christina Wheeler, Camborne

First Grade:  Pass

Chris Beare, Truro

Linda Beskeen, Redruth

Susan Dabb, Truro

Cas Davey, Redruth

Andrea Dube, Sant-Servez, Brittany

Anna Dunstan, Bodmin

Christopher Ellery-Hill, Penzance

Charlie Fripp, St Agnes

Sarah Fuller, Helston

Kim Hopewell, St Austell

Moira King, St Austell

Thomas Pawley, Liskeard

Tracy Pithie, St Austell

Diane Pomroy, St Austell

Claire Rondel, Kallag, Brittany

Judith Scrimshaw, Helston

Sara Thorolfsdottir, Penzance

David Wheeler, Camborne

First Grade:  Pass in Part

Jack Bolitho, Truro

Second Grade:  Pass with Distinction

Frances Bennett, Truro

Kirsty Lauder, Saltash

David Matthew, Penzance

Rita Nield, St Just

William Orchard, Penzance

Tony Phillips, Penzance

Deborah Pollard, Redruth

Kevin Steede, Gunnislake

Second Grade:  Pass

Colin Allen, Godalming

Jennifer Blockley, Launceston

Marie-Hélène Croizier, Ploumagoar, Brittany

Linnea Glynne-Rule, Camborne

John Goody, Scilly

Lee Kellgren, Penryn

Emily Keverne, Redruth

David Knott, Liskeard

Joseph Lewis, Redruth

William S. Pellow, Falmouth

Howard Peskett, Penzance

Victoria Reece-Romain, Liskeard

Nanette Tonkin, St Austell

Matthew Underwood, Plymouth

Jennifer Worth, Launceston

Third Grade:  Pass with Distinction

Kensa Broadhurst, Truro

Owain Holland, Fowey

Andrew Johnson, St Austell

Wella Morris, Penzance

Third Grade:  Pass

Judith Cayzer, Launceston

Lisa Crosswood, Liskeard

Yannig Laporte, Kemper, Brittany

Gilles Pennec, Kemper, Brittany

Samuel Rogerson, Grampound Road

Barbara Wyper, St Columb Major

Fourth Grade:  Pass with Distinction

Andrew Bolton, Brussels, Belgium

Ann Short, St Austell

Ashley Taylor, Launceston

Fourth Grade:  Pass

Alice Holland, Helston

Jamie Purves, Truro

Colin Short, St Austell

Marion Smith, St Ives

Fourth Grade:  Pass in Part

Helen Pascoe, Camborne

Wayne Tonkin, Redruth

Gorsedh Kernow exists to promote and maintain the national Celtic Spirit of Cornwall and to give expression to such spirit, to encourage the study of Cornish history and literature, the Cornish language Kernewek, to foster Cornish art, music, dance and sport and to link with other Celtic countries.

The revival of Gorsedh Kernow started in 1928, and the organisation immediately began using the Cornish language Kernewek as the language of all their annual ceremonies.

69 of the successful candidates of the Cornish Language Board examinations are from Cornwall including one from the Isles of Scilly, 2 are from England and 5 are from Brittany. Several of these candidates will be presented with their certificates by the Grand Bard of Cornwall at a special Graduation ceremony in Lys Kernow (Cornwall Council Offices, Truro) later in September.

For more information about the KESVA Cornish Language Board please contact Tony Hak, Karer an Yeth, Examinations Secretary, email apposyans@hotmail.co.uk

For more information about Gorsedh Kernow please contact Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor, Honorary Secretary, email communications@gorsedhkernow.org.uk