Symbolism and Regalia | Arwodhieth ha Regalya

Illustrations | Delinyansow

The flag of Gorsedh Kernow with the Awen Symbol

Baner an Orsedh gans an arwodh Awen

The Grand Bard's Crown

Dylas Pen Bardh Meur

The Grand Bard's plastron or breast-plate

Brestplat Bardh Meur


Former Grand Bards' Plastron

Brestplat Berdh Meur Kyns

'King Arthur's Sword'

'Kledha Myghtern Arthur'

Sword Bearer



Regalia for the Sword Bearer made by John Turner

Regalia rag an Kledhevyas gwrys gans John Turner

Plastron for the Secretary

Plastron an Skrifennyas/Skrifenniades

Chaplain's Plastron

Plastron Chaplen


Marshall's staves

Lorghow Marshal

The Horn

An Korn

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Ceremonies / Solempnitys