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Please email if a link is broken or if you would like to add a link to the list. The Welsh Gorsedd The Welsh Eisteddfod Bards of the Gorsedh of Cornwall in Australia The largest Cornish Festival in the world is held every two years in South Australia in the towns of Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo Cornish Associations of Australia The Breton Gorsedh The Cornish American Heritage Society The Toronto Cornish Association Cornish Language Office at Cornwall Council

http:// Materials of all kinds for learning Cornish Agan Tavas The Cornish Language Fellowshop - Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek The Cornish Language Board

Cornish Language Council:
Tel 01872 262 667 An Kylgh Kernewek St. Piran Trust The Celtic Congress Cornwall Lowender Peran brings together dancers and musicians from all the Celtic nations The Holyer an Gof Publishers' Awards The Cornish Folk Arts Project The Cornish Dance Society Cornish wrestling The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies Discover the inventions, adventures and characters behind our Cornish story. Cornish films


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War an folen ma y kevir kevrennow dhe savleow erel yw kefrysys gans Gorsedh Kernow. Gwrewgh notya mar pleg y hwra pub kevren ygeri yn folen nowydh. Pan worfennowgh vysytya pub savla, y dhegea a wra agas danvon dhe'n folen ma.

Disavowans: Ny omgemmer Gorsedh Kernow rag an pyth yw synsys po tybyansow diskwedhys yn savleow kevrennys erel.

Gwrewgh danvon e-bost dhe mar pleg, mars yw kevren terrys po mars eus hwans dhywgh keworra kevren dhe'n rol. Gorsedh Kembra Eisteddfod Kembra Berdh Gorsedh Kernow yn Ostrali Dy’gol Kernewek an brassa y'n bys yw synsys pub diw vledhen yn Ostrali Soth y'n trevow Moonta, Kadina ha Wallaroo: Kowethasow Kernewek Ostralek Gorsedh Breten Vyghan Kowethas Ertach Kernewek a Amerika Kowethas Kernewek a Toronto Sodhva an Yeth Kernewek - Konsel Kernow Dafar a pub sort rag dyski Kernewek Agan Tavas Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Kesva an Taves Kernewek

Cussel an Tavas Kernuack:
Pell 01872 262 667 Kylgh Kernewek Trest Peran An Guntelles Keltek Kernow Lowender Peran a dhre war-barth donsoryon hag ilewydhyon dhyworth an gwlasow Keltek oll Pewasow dylloryon Holyer an Gof Ragdres Artys an Werin Gernewek Kowethas Dons Kernewek Omdowl Kernewek Keffrysyans Kowethasow Kernow Goth Kernow bys Vykken. Gwrewgh diskudha an dismygyansow, aventuryow ha tus a-dryv agan stori kernewek. Filmow kernewek


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