Esedhvos Festival

Gorsedh Kernow's Esedhvos Festival promotes and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity and Celtic heritage.

The Cornish equivalent of the Welsh Eisteddfod and Breton Gorsedd, it is held in Cornwall every year in the days surrounding the annual Gorsedh Kernow bardic ceremony.

The range of events is wide, open to the public and mostly free of charge, taking place in locations close to the current Gorsedh ceremony site.

Festival events usually include a Book Fair (LitFest - with authors from Holyer an Gof) , a one-day conference, a ceilidh, a concert, a bi-lingual Sunday Evensong and the opportunity to try out a bit of the Cornish language for yourself. Often there are talks, walks or demonstrations of local interest.

On Gorsedh Saturday itself, the impressive ceremony is augmented by colourful stalls on the Gorsedh Field. Here you may browse among stalls offering Cornish crafts, foods and drink, you can find information on local organisations and societies and also learn about Cornwall’s native language, Kernewek.

The whole experience gives you the opportunity each year to visit one of Cornwall’s beautiful, historic but maybe lesser-known towns and to explore Cornwall’s heritage and culture in a friendly, happy atmosphere of celebration.

Esedhvos Festival 2019. Account by Pol Hodge, Mab Stenak Vur, Deputy Grand Bard

Well, the good people of St Just did us proud. The town and parish of St Just in Penwith proved to be an excellent place to host the Esedhvos including the Gorsedh ceremony itself.  We did not have to work too hard to make a real impact and at the same time there were appropriate venues available for our events – and all within walking distance within this super little Cornish town.

This was a great success with 7 stalls and interesting sessions with authors.  It was enhanced by the huge book sale of the late former Bardh Meur Commow’s library.  Again, the Lit Fest was the tip of the Holyer iceberg.  This year’s event was also a great networking opportunity. Approximately 40 people attended.

Nos Pewas ha Diskwedhyans an Esedhvos – Awards Evening and Exhibition
It was a full house for the Awards Evening and all sectors of Cornwall’s thriving cultural sector were celebrated and showcased. Performances from some of the prize winners made it a night to remember. Approximately 120 people attended

The display exhibition was very impressive with displays of the old trophies.  However, the highlight was the film loop playing in the side room of the Miners’ Chapel.  There was, of course, a huge amount work done by Dave Brotherton and his team especially Amanda Harris. 

With a theme of Global Kernow, the venue was almost full.  With the main speaker unfortunately unable to attend at the last minute, Jenefer Lowe did a great job in delivering a full program. There was were  the usual technical difficulties despite much planning and advice but the day was interesting and informative. 44 people attended.

With thanks to Helen Musser and all the musicians who teamed up to give us a crqcking night.  We have so much talent within  Gorsedh Kernow. Approximately 60 people attended.

Good weather, a fantastic setting and the hard work of Tim Hamley and his team made this a great success.  The six stalls added to the atmosphere as did our honoured guests from Gorsedd Cymru and Goursez Breizh.

Bardic tea
This has always been the pinch point but a great time was had by all.  The coffee at various events was the best ever!  We were very lucky this year as St Just Old Cornwall were able to run a parallel tea for banner bearers, dancers, etc.  The tea event was excellent this year. 147 people attended.

Keskan – Concert
There was much debate as to who should take part.  In the end we decided to go with local talent who treated the concert as an honour rather than an opportunity.  The Penwith Youth String Group with the Miners’ Chapel acoustics was amazing. 72 people attended

Fringe Events
Come ye All – yes, we had two events.  I did pop into this event.

Cape Cornwall Singers at The Star – I did hear them, they sounded good.

Levant Walk – of the 20 or so people who attended 14 were National Trust members.

Town Walk - This was led by Doug Luxford and was very informative. Approximately 40 attended.

A Taste of Cornish Language
Personally, I believe that Kernewek is the heart and soul of the Cornish nation.  It was great that there may be a new class in St Just.  The Kowethas ran good events that used the SWF, working with their fellow bards. Approximately 30 attended -The Knut was full.

Church Service
With Gorsedh Chaplain, Jane Kneebone, the Tereba Nessa Choir as well readings from Bardh Meur and Kannas Bardh Meur the service was very much a Gorsedh Kernow affair.  We owe thanks to the Bishop of Truro who gave an excellent sermon.  The event was rounded off by a fabulous tea provided by the WI in the parish hall. Approximately 50 people attended.

Apart from thanking all the people who produced a great Esedhvos we need to give special thanks to Pat and Gareth Parry, not only for a good LitFest, but also for all their hard work with Holyer an Gof throughout the year.

Sadly the Covid-19 restrictions mean that it has not been possible to hold the Esedhvos this year, although there will be a small bardic ceremony on September 5th. 2020 to initiate new bards and read the roll of those Bards who have passed during the year.




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Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow a’s teves bern a-dro dh’agan honanieth wonisogethel ha’gan ertach keltek. 

Haval dhe’n Esedhvos kembrek ha’n Gorsedd bretonek, ev a hwer pub bledhen y’n dedhyow  yn-kerghyn an Orsedh hy honan.

Gans meur a hwarvosow gonisogethel dihaval, an brassa rann anedha heb kost,  rag oll an werin yw an Esedhvos, mayth omlowenhahons yn tyller an Orsedh.

Herwydh usadow, yn Dedhyow an Esedhvos y kevir Fer Lyvrow (Fest Lien - gans awtours dhyworth Holyer an Gof), Jorna Keskussulyans, Troyll, Gool Ilow, Gwesper Diwyethek ha Myttin Lowender Kernewek.  Y hwyrvydh martesen ynwedh arethow, keskerdhow po diskwedhyansow a-dro dhe vateryow a’n ranndir.

Dy’Sadorn  an Orsedh, y fydh stallow afinys oll a-dro dhe Bark an Solempnita hag y hyllir gwandra ow mires orth kreftow, boos ha diwes kernewek, kavos kedhlow yn kever kowethasow teythyek, ha praktisya  agas Kernewek gans tus orth stall agan yeth!
Ottomma kedhlow rag an Esedhvos 2016 esa yn Lannahevren.

Der an prevyans ma pub bledhen, yth aswonir milwell trevow kernewek teg hag istorek hag omlowenhe yn prysweyth kernewek gwir.

Esedhvos 2019. Derivas gans Pol Hodge, Mab Stenak Vur. Kannas Bardh Meur

Wel, an bobel dha a wrug ober da ragon ni.  Tre ha pluw Lannust o tyller kooth rag ostya an Esedhvos, ha gans solempnita y honan.  Nyns esa edhom dhyn ni oberi re gales dhe wul tennans gwir ha kettermyn yth esa tylleryow gwiw rag agan hwarvosow – oll a-ji pellder kerdhes a-berth y’n dre Vyghan marthys ma. 

Gool Lien
Hemm o sewen bras gans 7 stall hag esedhegow meur dhe les gans skriforyon.  Gwell o gans gwerth bras a lyvrow kyns Bardh Meur, Commow.  Arta, Gool Lien o bleyn a’n rewvenydh Holyer. Ynwedh, hwarvos an vledhen ma o chons da rag rosweytha.   A-dro 40 devedhys

Nos Pewas ha Diskwedhyans an Esedhvos
Chi leun o rag Nos Pewasow ha pub rann a ranngylgh wonisogethel bewek Kernow o merkys ha diskwedhys yn ta.  Performyansow dyworth nebes an waynoryon a wrug homma nos hegov. A-dro 120 devedhys.
An virva o pur dha gans diskwedhyansow a hanafow koth.  Mes, an gwella o an kabester fylm ow seni yn stevel a-denewen Chapel an Dus Bal.  Yth esa, heb mar, myns bras a ober gwrys gans Dave Brotherton ha’y bara, yn arbennek Amanda Harris. 

Gans testen Kernow Ollvysel, an tyller o ogas leun.  Yn gwettha prys, ha tamm kyns dalleth, nyns o possybyl rag an kowser meur dos, Jenefer Lowe a wrug oberen splann yn unn dhelivra towlen leun.  Yth esa, dell yw usys, kudynnow teknek despit meur a dowlenna ha kussul mes yth o an jydh dhe les ha kedhlus.
44 den devedhys

Meur ras dhe Helen Musser hag oll an ilewydhoryon neb a dheuth warbarth dhe ri dhyn ni nos varthys.  Yma meur a greft yn Gorsedh Kernow. A-dro 60 den devedhys.

Kewer dha, tyller marthys ha’n ober kales Tim Hamley ha’y bara a wrug hemma sewen meur.  An 6 stall o rann an ayrgylgh hag ynwedh agan gwestoryon enorys dyworth Gorsedd Cymru ha Goursez Breizh.

Te Bardhek
Hemm re bia an poynt pynchya mes yth esa termyn da rag pub huni.  Koffi orth an hwarvosow o an gwella bys vykken!  Ni o pur feusik an vledhen ma ha Kowethas Kernow Koth Lannust ow restra te kettuel rag perthoryon vaner, donsoryon h.e.  An te o kooth an vledhen ma.  147 den devedhys

Yth esa meur a dhadhel a-dro dhe biw a wra gwari.  Yn tiwedh, yth ervirsyn ni kavos kreft teythyek neb a grysas bos an geskan enor yn le chons.  An Bagas Korden Pennwydh Yowynk gans akoustegow Chapel an Dus Bal o marthys. 72 den devedhys

Hwarvosow Amall
Dewgh Oll – gwir, yth esa dhyn ni dew hwarvos.  My eth dhe’n hwarvos ma.

Yth esa Kanoryon Kilgudh orth An Steren – my a’s klewas, aga son o pur dha.

Kerdh Levant – a’n 20 den neb eth ena 14 o esel Trest Kenedhlek.

Kerdh an Dre – hemm o ledys gans Doug Luxford hag yth o pur gedhlus. A-dro 40 devedhys

Blas a Gernewek
Yn fersonek, my a grys bos Kernewek kolon hag enev a’n genedhel Gernewek. Splann o y hylli bos klass nowydh yn Lannust.  An Kowethas a restras hwarvosow da a dhevnydhyas FSS hag ytho ow kesoberi gans aga hesverdh. A-dro dhe 30 den devedhys – An Knut o leun.

Gonis Eglos
Gans Chaplen an Orsedh, Jane Kneebone, Keur Tereba Nessa ha gans lennansow dyworth Bardh Meur ha Kannas Bardh Meur an gonis o tra Gorsedh Kernow yn hwir.  Ni a wor gras dhe Eskop Truru neb a ros pregoth pur dha. An hwarvos o gorfennys gans te splann gans an WI yn hel an bluw. A-dro 50 den devedhys.

Gans ri gras dhe oll an bobel a wrug Esedhvos pur dha res yw dhyn ni grassa Pat ha Gareth Parry, nag yw marnas a Gool Lien da mes rag oll aga ober kales gans Holyer an Gof dres an vledhen.

Soweth ny vydh Esedhvos an vledhen ma awos Covi-19. Y fydh byttegyns solempnita byghan 5es. a vis Gwynngala 2020 rag dynerghi berdh nowydh ha lenna rol a'n verdh usi ow merwel y'n vledhen.



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