Bards carrying one of the banners at the Gorsedh ceremony in St. Keverne in 2016

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Gorsedh means 'a Bardic assembly'. It comes from the ancient Celtic word meaning 'high seat' or 'throne'.

Bard derives from the name given by Greek writers to the poets and musicians associated with priests and Druids. Originally the term bard was generally conferred upon all professional poets. Bards were very prestigious people and often the closest personal ties existed between them and their patrons. Head of all the bards in the Gorsedh was, and still is, the Grand Bard whose symbol of authority is the great chair in which he or she sits.

Since the inception of Gorsedh Kernow, well over a thousand bards have been created, of which more

Grand Bard's Chair

than half are still alive. Not all are Cornish, and not all are resident in Cornwall. There are bards in Australia and North America, invited to become bards because of their work promoting Cornwall to the emigrant families in those countries, and many of these make the long trip to Cornwall to be initiated into the Gorsedh and attend the Gorsedh ceremonies.

A person who is considered worthy of bardship must be proposed by an existing bard, who is required to submit a citation to the Gorsedh in support of his or her candidate. Citations must be presented without the knowledge of the person being nominated. Each nominee is in turn considered by the Gorsedh Council and, if found satisfactory, she or he is duly invited to become a bard. Bards choose a Bardic name in Cornish, which is generally relevant to their place of birth, their particular vocation or the work which has led them to be invited into the Gorsedh. The names of these new bards are not made public until shortly before their official acceptance into the Gorsedh, now always held on the first Saturday in September.

Bardic Roll October 2020 (by family name)

Bardic Roll October 2020 (by bardic name)


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Kanasow dhyworth Kembra ha berdh y'n eglos Lanaghevran

An tregh ma a wra synsi ynno kedhlow a-dro dhe'n testen ma ha kevrennow dhe rol a verdh a-res ha tremenys ha skeusenva a verdh veur ha mirva a Verdh Veur..

Styr an ger ‘Gorsedh’ yw ‘kuntelles a verdh’.  Ev a dheu dhyworth an hen er keltek a styr ‘esedh ughel’ po ‘se’.

Devedhyans an ger ‘Bardh’ yw an hanow a veu res gans skriforyon reka dhe’n brydydhyon hag ilewydhyon a veu kevrennys gans pronteryon ha Drewydh.  Yn hwreydhek y feu an hanow ‘bardh’ ros dre vras dhe bub prydhydh galwesik oll.  Tus meur aga roweth o berdh hag yth esa yn fenowgh keskolmow personek strooth ynter i ha’ga thasek.  Penn an verdh oll y’n Orsedh o, hag yw hwath, an Bardh Meur, ha’y arwodh a awtorita o an gador veur a esedha ev ynni.

A-dhia dhalleth Gorsedh Kernow, moy ages mil vardh re beu gwrys, hanter anedha hwath yn few.  Nyns yns i oll a Gernow ha nyns yns i oll trigys yn Kernow.  Yma berdh yn Ostrali, Amerika Dyghow, gelwys dhe vos ha bos berdh awos aga ober owth avonsya Kernow dhe’n teyluyow a dhivroysi y’n broyow na, ha lies anedha a wra an viaj hir dhe Gernow rag bos ynstallys y’n Orsedh ha kemeres rann y’n solempnitys an Orsedh.

Res yw dhe nebonan yw breusys avel wordhi a vos Bardh bos profys hag eylys gans bardh a-lemmyn, hag yma edhom dhodho a dhanvon devyn anserghek dhe’n Orsedh ow skoodhya y ombrofyer.  An devyn ma a dal bos komendys heb godhvos an person yw profys.  Ena dedhlys gans Konsel an Orsedh yw pub person henwys, ha, mars yw gwiw, ev po hi yw gelwys dhe vos bardh.  Berdh a dhewis hanow bardhek yn yeth kernewek, hag yw dre vras a vri dhe dyller aga dineythyans, aga soodh, po an ober re ledyas dh’aga galow dhe’n Orsedh.  Nyns yw henwyn an verdh nowydh ma dyllys dhe’n poblek bys pols kens aga degemeryans y’n Orsedh, hag yw lemmyn synsys pub prys an kynsa dy’Sadorn mis Gwynngala.

Rol a verdh mis Hedra 2020 (dre hanow teylu)

Rol a verdh mis Hedra 2020 (dre hanow bardhek)


Kanow dhyworth solempnitys Gorsedh


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