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Gorsedh Kernow
Summer Competitions 2015 - Under 18 yrs

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Gorsedh Kernow is working on new Youth Awards for Excellence and Achievement in a project on a Cornish topic, and these will now be introduced in 2016. For 2015 we are running Children's (Under 18 years) Competitions, but in a revised form from previous years.

Please read the leaflet carefully, especially in connection with the class numbers and the ages of competitors in each class. We have moved the deadline for submission of entries to a later date since this announcement has been delayed. Please contact the Competitions Secretary if you have any queries.

Please read the rules carefully, especially in connection with the posting of entries. Please include suitably sized pre-paid envelopes for return of work if required.

Age Ranges
Age is as applicable on 31st August 2015

Click here for full details (PDF document)

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Classes for adults

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