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Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards /
Piwasow Konsel an Orsedh Kernow, 2014

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorsedh.

Piwasow a res gans Bardh Meur dhe'n Orsedh Ygor.

Skoos Kowethas Kernewek Loundres
Rag gonis dres eghen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Kernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Kathleen May Slatter – High Wycombe:
A long standing committee member of the Thames Valley, L.C.A. devoted to welcoming Cornish people within the Diaspora.
Esel kessedhek hir y wonis a’n Nans Thames, L.C.A. lel dhe dhynerghi tus kernewek a-berveth an Diaspora.

Medal Bras Map Trevethan
Rag gonis dhe Gernow gans nebonan usi ow triga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Keith Syed – Gwyk Los – Cheltenham:
An invaluable member of the Bishop’s Ecumenical Group, ensuring meticulous translations in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic for the Cornish Bible.
Esel a brys marthys ughel Bagas Ekumenek an Epskop, yn unn surhe treylyansow dour yn Ebbrow, Grew hag Aramaik rag an Bibel Kernewek.

Werison an Gannas
Rag avonsyans a Gernow yn-mes a Gernow.
The Ambassador’s Trophy
For the promotion of Cornwall beyond Cornwall.

Ian Saltern – Bude:
Cornish archival research is beyond reproach in many areas, including his key role initiatives involving the Government and Cornwall Council.
Hwithrans kovskrifek kernewek yw dres keredh yn lies le, yn unn synsi y aventuryow pur bosek yn unn omvyska an Governans ha Konsel Kernow.

Aventuryans Kernow
Rag kowlwrians dres eghen yn Kernow gans nebonan usi ow tiskwedhes dallethieth ha drehedhes sewena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Matthew Clarke – Camborne:
For eighteen years a professional Cornish broadcaster and since 2008 the weekly producer of Radyo an Gernewegva.
Rag etek bledhen darleser kernewek galwesik hag a-dhia 2008 an askorrer seythennyek a Radyo an Gernewegva.

Attent Dres Eghen
Rag kowlwrians Kernewek dres eghen a dhendil aswonnans keswlasek.
Exceptional Endeavour
For an outstanding Cornish achievement meriting international recognition.

Jonathan Burnard - aged 15 – Callington:
From the age of 11 he has raised thousands of pounds for children’s charities, culminating in Children’s Hospice – Little Harbour, St. Austell.
Dhyworth 11 bloodh ev re sevis milyow a beunsow rag cheritys fleghes, ow tos dhe’n ughboynt y’n Spyti Fleghes – Porth Byghan, S. Austel.

Piwasow Ilow / Music Awards

Skoos an Orsedh
Rag gonis dres eghen dhe ilow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

Peter James Bawden – Plympton:
From the age of 6 a member of his church choir, also the Loveny, County MV, Canoryon Lowen at various times during the past 70 years.
Dhyworth 6 bloodh esel a’y geur eglos, ynwedh an Loveny, MV an Gonteth, Canoryon Lowen orth prsyyow divers dres an 70 bledhen eus passys..

Hanaf Kowethas Kernewek Bournemouth
Rag Bagas Ilow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

Proper Job Singing Group – Camborne. Secretary – David Oates – Kerdher Gonyow )
Formed in 2006 to encourage people to sing the traditional songs of Cornwall and the dialect stories.
Furvys yn 2006 dhe genertha tus dhe gana an kanow hengovek a Gernow ha’n drollys rannyeth.

Werison Menestrouthi Bres
Brass Band Trophy

St. Keverne Silver Band – Gareth Churcher – Musical Director
A talented composer who inspires the main Band and the Youth and Junior Bands which were placed highest in the Cornish Championships, including the best euphonium player – a total in excess of 85 players.
Komposydh roasek neb a awen an Band meur ha’n Bandys Yowynkneth ha Bacheler hag a veu desedhys an ughella y’n Kamporiethow Kernewek, ynna an senor ewfonium an gwella – sommen a voy es 85 senor.

Holyer An Gof Awards 2014

  • Class 1 - Cornish Language
    Publisher : Kesva an Taves Kernewek - 'An Pentatewgh po Pymp Lyver an Lagha' translated by the Bishop of Truro’s Ecumenical Group for Services in Cornish, edited by Keith Syed.
    Winner of the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Cup.

  • Class 2 - Books for Children of Primary Age and Young Adults
    Publisher : Scryfa 'beast' by Simon Parker.
    Winner of the Gorsedh Kernow - Ann Trevenen Jenkin Cup

  • Class 3 - Adult Fiction
    Publisher : Parthian 'The Visitor' by Katherine Stansfield.

  • Class 4 - Poetry and Drama
    Publisher : Waterloo Press 'The Lost Boys' by Victoria Field.

  • Class 5.0 - Non-Fiction - History, Language and Creative Arts
    Publisher : All Drama with CreateSpace - 'Theatre in the Round : The Staging of Cornish Medieval Drama' by Sydney Higgins.

  • Class 5.1 - Non-Fiction - in which illustrations predominate
    Publisher : Zart Books ' Sea and Shore Cornwall: common and curious findings' by Lisa Woollett.

  • Class 5.2 - Non-Fiction - Marine, Industrial Heritage and the Environment
    Publisher : Twelveheads Press - Cornish Milestones by Ian Thompson.
    Winner of the overall award of the Holyer an Gof trophy

  • Class 6 - Booklets
    Publisher: Francis Boutle for 'Bewnans Peran' by Alan M Kent.

  • The Cornish Literary Guild Salver
    Laurence Green for 'All Cornwall Thunders at My Door': A Biography of Charles Causley.
    Publisher : The Cornovia Press

  • The Waterstones Award
    'The Great Cornish Food Book'edited by Ruth Huxley, published by Cornwall Food and Drink Ltd.

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