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Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards /
Piwasow Konsel an Orsedh Kernow, 2013

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorsedh.

Piwasow a res gans Bardh Meur dhe'n Orsedh Ygor.

Skoos Kowethas Kernewek Loundres
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Kernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Tony Wakeham – London:
Invaluable contribution to L.C.A. work – approved by Sir David Brewer and Sir John Trelawney.
Kevro marthys dres ehen dhe ober LCA – komendys gans Syr David Brewer ha Syr John Trelawny

Medal Bras Map Trevethan
Rag gonis dhe Gernow gans nebonan usi ow triga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Elizabeth Broekmann – London:
Works tirelessly on behalf of the L.C.A. as editor of the “Newsletter” and links with the Diaspora.
Yth ober heb skwitha a-barth an LCA avel pennskrifores an ‘Lyther Nowodhow” ha mellow gans an Diaspora

Aventuryans Kernow
Rag kowlwrians dres ehen yn Kernow gans nebonan usi ow tiskwedhes dallethieth ha drehedhes sewena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Sarah Lay – St. Just in Penwith:
Inspirational publisher of “Kernow Hyrethek” and supporter of the Hospice Movement and St. Petroc’s.
Dyllores awenek a “Kernow Hirethek” ha skoodhyer an Omsav Ospes ha S. Petrok

Attent Dres Ehen
Rag kowlwrians Kernewek dres ehen a dhendil aswonnans keswlasek.
Exceptional Endeavour
For an outstanding Cornish achievement meriting international recognition.

1. Edward Buckingham – Saltash:
The first Cornishman to conquer Everest and raise An Banner Kernewek on the summit.
An kynsa Kernow dhe fetha Everest ha sevel an Baner Kernewek war an gwarthav.

2. Perran Penrose – London and Cornwall – A Special Certificate of Exceptional Endeavour:
Born in the U.S.A. but took in the huge task of chairing the St. Piran Trust until his untimely death on 6th November, 2012. Accepted by Mrs. Angela Penrose and Family.
Genys y’n SUA, mes a dhegemeras an ober kawrek a gaderya an Trest Peran bys dh’y vernans kyns y dermyn an 6ves mis Du, 2012. Degemerys gans Mrs. Angela Penrose ha’y Theylu.

3. Mrs. Ingrid Loyau-Kennett – Helston - A Special Certificate of Exceptional Endeavour:
Cub Leader and Nurse, Ingrid comforted a British Soldier as he lay dying outside his Barracks at Woolwich in London.
Gidyores Kelyn ha Klavjiores, Ingrid a gonfortyas Souder Pretennek hag ev ow merwel yn-mes a’y Souderji dhe Woolwich, Loundres.

Piwasow Ilow / Music Awards

Skoos an Orsedh
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe ilow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

Roger Wills – Dyskajor a Gan – Teacher of Song – Camborne:
From the Royal College of Music came home to teach, also director of several choirs and a published composer. Dhyworth an Kolji Riel a Ilow, y tehwelis tre dhe dhyski, ynwedh lewydh a nebes keuryow ha komposydh dyllys.

Hanaf Sampson Hosking
Piwas res dhe ganoryon aga honan henavek.
Sampson Hosking Cup
Awarded to senior solo singers.

Kay Deeming – Mylor Bridgen:
A principal soprano in opera and lighter music, a member of the “Duchy Opera’s School Run” – often stressing Cornish Compositions.
Pennsoprano yn gwari-kan hag ilow skaffa, eseles an “Duchy Opera’s School Run” – yn fenowgh ow posleva Oberow Kernewek.

Hanaf Kowethas Kernewek Bournemouth
Rag Bagas Ilow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

Penzance Youth String Orchestra (click here for citation)
Tim Boulton – Musical Director – Penzance – accompanied by two of the finest young players Aged 10 – 19 their music encompasses a wide range of styles and for the fourth year running won a National Award in July.
Tim Boulton – Lewydh Ilowek – Pennsans – keveylys gans dew warier yowynk an tekka. Gans bloodh 10 – 19 aga ilow a gylgh kadon efan a wisyow ha rag an peswara bledhen yn rew y hwaynsons Piwas Kenedhlek mis Gortheren.

Werison Menestrouthi Bres
Brass Band Trophy

Lanner and District Silver Band
Stuart Chappell – Musical Adviser with Philip Matthews – Musical Director who brings the individuals together. Accompanied by Hannah Evans – flugel horn player and principal player with the National Children’s Band of Great Britain.
Stuart Chappell – Kusulyer Ilowek gans Philip Matthews – Lewydh Ilowek neb a dhre an unnigyon war-barth. Keveylys gans Hannah Evans – gwariores korn-flugel ha pennwariores gans an Band Kenedhlek a Flehes a Vreten Veur.

Skoos Treverva
Rag person unnik a gennerth gwrians-ilow gans tus yowynk.
Treverva Shield
For an individual who encourages music-making by young people.

Karen Frost – Probus
A dedicated teacher and conductor of St. Austell Chamber Orchestra, Restormel Junior Strings and coach for Cornwall Youth Orchestra.
Dyskadores omres ha hembrynkyades a Vagas Ilewydhyon S. Awstel, Kerdyn Bacheler Restormel ha kochyades rag Bagas Ilewydhyon Yowynkneth Kernow.

Holyer An Gof Awards 2013

  • Class 1.0 - Cornish Language Books for Teaching
    Publisher/author : Movyans Skolyow Meythrin 'Keur Kernewek'.

  • Class 1.1 - Cornish Language Books for Children
    translated/published by : Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek - 'Ple'ma Spot' by Eric Hill

  • Class 1.2 - Cornish Language Books for Adults
    Publisher: Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek 'Gwariow Mus' by John Parker

  • Class 2 - Books for Children and Young Adults
    Publisher : University of Queensland Press 'The Messenger Bird' by Rosanne Hawke

  • Class 3 - Adult Fiction
    Publisher: Bloomsbury for 'Diving Belles' by Lucy Wood

  • Class 4 - Poetry
    Publisher : Palores Publications for 'Welcome Beltane' by Briar Wood

  • Class 5.0 - Non-Fiction - History, Language and Creative Arts
    Publisher : The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies for 'Wade-Bridge: notes on the history of the fifteenth century bridge' by Andrew G. Langdon

  • Class 5.1 - Non-Fiction - in which illustrations predominate
    Publisher : The Dovecote Press for 'Working Sail: A Life in Wooden Boats' by Luke Powell

  • Class 5.2 - Non-Fiction - Marine, Industrial Heritage and the Environment
    Publisher : Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
    'Ferns, Clubmosses, Quillworts and Horsetails of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly'
    Authors: Rosaline J. Murphy, Christopher N. Page, Rosemary E. Parslow & Ian J. Bennallick

  • Class 6 - Booklets
    Publisher: Palores Publications -'The River Fal & it's Tributaries' by Mike Rule

  • Holyer an Gof Cup
    The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies 'Wade-Bridge: notes on the history of the fifteenth century bridge' by Andrew G. Langdon

  • The Cornish Literary Guild Salver
    N R Phillips for 'Rainbows in the Spray' publisher: Palores Publications

  • Gorsedh Kernow - Ann Trevenen Jenkin Cup
    Rosanne Hawke for 'The Messenger Bird' - publisher: University of Queensland Press

  • Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Cup
    John Parker for 'Gwariow Mus' publisher: Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

  • The Waterstones Award
    Michael Tangye author/publisher of 'Portreath'

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