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Gorseth Kernow: Byrth Noweth/New Bards

2005: Ponswad/Wadebridge

Judith Bailey - Gwithian, Hayl
For services to music in Cornwall
Rag gonysyow abarth ylow yn Kernow
Gedyores Menestrouthy - Orchestra Conductor

Pamela Davey - Lanson/Dunheved/Lannstefan
By examination in the Cornish Language
Der apposyans yn tavas Kernewek
Flogh Lannstefan - Child of Launceston

Joy Pamela Dunkerley - NSW, Australia/Australy
For services to Cornwall in Australia
Rag gonysyow dhe Gernow yn Australy.
Cherya - to take care or gladden

Roger Graham Garside - Lancaster, Pow Saws
By examination in the Cornish Language
Der apposyans yn tavas Kernewek.
Karer Roskajek - Lover of Reskajeage

Peter Hicks - Newquay/Towan Porth Lystry
For services to local history and photography in Newquay
Rag gonysyow abarth ystory an le ha fotografy yn Towan Porth Lystry.
Map Towan Porth Lystry - Son of Newquay

Robert Jones - Bodriggy, Hayl
For services to the visual arts in Cornwall
Rag gonysyow dhe creftow gwelesek yn Kernow.
Den awenek - Inspirational man

Brian Odgers (D) - Truro/Truru
For his work with young people in Cornwall
Rag y ober gans pobel yowynk yn Kernow.
Flogh Awen - Child of Poetic Imagination

George William (Jory) Rowe - Bud/Bude
By examination in the Cornish Language
Der apposyans yn tavas Kernewek.
Mab an Alsyow Kledh - Son of the Northern Cliffs

Michael Sagar-Fenton - Paul, Penzance/Pensans
For services to music and history in Cornwall
Rag gonysyow abarth ylow hag ystory yn Kernow.
Carer Geryow - Lover of Words

Keith Shaw - Callington
For services to Cornwall; local history and music
Rag gonysyow dhe Gernow; ystory an le hag ylow.
Kaswydh - Shaw (a copse or small wood)

Elizabeth Stewart - Truro/Truru
By examination in the Cornish Language
Der apposyans yn tavas Kernewek.
Losowenn an Hav - Lily of the Valley

Victor Strike - Porthleven
For preservation of Cornish history on film
Rag sawyans ystory Kernewek war gennen.
Gweskel - Strike

Elaine Jill Tangye - Chynoweth, Perranwell
For services to Cornish music; especially Choral music
Rag gonysyow abarth ylow Kernewek; kens oll ylow curek.
Ledyores Curyow - Leader of Choirs

Ross Williams - Ponsanooth
For services to Cornish culture
Rag gonysyow dhe wonesygeth Kernewek.
Map Crowan - Son of Crowan


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