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Gorseth Kernow: Byrth Noweth/New Bards

1998 Lanust/St Just in Penwith

Leonard Adams

Dennis Allen (D)
Spyrys Arvor

Peggy Biddick

Ruth Breen
Cares Blejyow

Benjamin Bruch

Jose Calvete
Map Breogan

Hugh Chegwidden
Lymner Por'Lystry

Dr Anne Duffin
Myrgh Budek

Bryan Earl
Whythrer Defnyth Tardha

Kathleen Mary Gill
Kathlyn a Garn Bre

Joseph Arnold Hodge (D)
Map Sen Day

Marion Paynter Howard
Eos an Howlsedhas

Christopher James (D)

Moe Keast
Myrgh Cana Hengovek

June Luxton

Gage McKinney
Pow Owrek

Gerald Morris
Gwas Plu Peran

John Parker
Den Prasow

David Peters
Broder yn Can

David Prowse
Map Bolegh

Timothy Saunders
Bardh Gwerin

Alison Stephen
Myrghwyn Woolcock

Jill Thomas
Myrgh Elerghi

Robert Tremain
Cryor an Dre Lanstefan

Jill Warden


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