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We hope that this section will grow as material is digitised.  For now you can read about the activities of the Archives and Publications Committee and find a link to the previous Gorsedh Kernow website, which has a wealth of detail. There are also links to photo galleries and videos.

Archived pages from the February 2015+ site.

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Archives and Publications Committee

The purpose of the Gorsedh Archives is to collect and disseminate information from all sources for research purposes.

Gorsedh Kernow has been collecting printed material, including books and photographs, together with audio-visual items relating to bardic activities going back to its foundation in 1928.

Recently much of this information has been sorted, filed and entered onto a computer database, in order to make these resources more easily available. Other material is still kept in files for immediate reference.

A small group has been looking after this material consisting of Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Mark Dungey, Janet Axten and Cora Boyns Buchanan.

For more information or to consult the archives contact or phone 01209 860970.


The Archive and Publications Committee held its Summer meeting at Blackwater Village Hall, but we anticipate by the time of the Autumn meeting we will be able to use the newly opened Kresen Kernow with its state of the art facilities, and where we will be depositing our archives in due course.

We have taken a new photograph of the active members of the Archives and Publications committee, and they are, from the back left, Jerry Rogers, Peter Thomas, Mark Dungey, David Stark, Terry Knight, and front left, Janet Axten, Cora Buchanan, Carole Stark. The picture was taken by Howard Pesketh.

Last year on Thursday 5th September, at the Holyer an Gof Publishers' Awards Litfest at St Just, we launched two new books. Firstly   "Cornish Bards of the St Just in Penwith Area", where, as in past years, we searched the archives and researched the Bards from the area where the Gorsedh is held.  This year we were aided by the members and friends of St Just and Pendeen Old Cornwall Society, who helped with photographs and reminiscences, then members of the archives committee collated and assembled the information and after a great deal of work by all involved, the book was ready for the launch. 

Secondly, we launched a major new work on the " Cornish Bards of the Diaspora, Volume 2 ."  This covers as many Bards as we were able to trace from around the world, excepting Australasia, which we covered in Volume 1.  Bards, or their descendants, from 18 countries have been contacted and have provided us with photographs and valuable information about the achievements of their ancestors, who travelled the world and were barded by the Gorsedh in days gone by. The meticulous research for this book has been carried out by committee members David and Carole Stark, who have worked tirelessly contacting bards from Hawaii to Turkey and families from Austria to Zimbabwe, and they must be congratulated on producing a fascinating piece of work.  Again the book was checked and assembled by committee members We are now selling "print on demand" copies of both of the books at £5 each. The books are also available as a free download from this website.  You can also buy previous Bards books and other Gorsedh Kernow publications from the webshop.

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Ni a wayt y hwra tevi an tregh ma ha devnydh usi ow pos rivenegys. Y’n eur ma hwi a yll redya a-dro dhe wriansow an Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dylansow ha kavos kevren dhe’n kyns gwiasva Gorsedh Kernow, hag yw rych gans manylyon. Yma ynwedh kevrennow dhe mirvaow ha videos.

Folennow kovskrif dhyworth an wiasva mis Hwevreer 2015+

Kyns gwiasva Gorsedh Kernow

Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dyllansow

Towl  Kovskrifow an Orsedh yw dhe guntel ha plontya kedhlow dhyworth pub fenten rag porposys hwithrans.

Gorsedh Kernow re beu ow kuntel daffar hag a syns ynno lyvrow ha skeusennow war-barth gans taklow klewwelyek perthynek dhe wriansow bardhek a-dhia hy selyans yn 1928.

A-gynsow rann vras a'n kedhlow re beu digemyskys, restrennys ha gorrys war sel-manylyon, may hyll bos an asnodhow ma kavadow gans es.

Bagas byghan re beu ow kwitha an daffar ma, hag a syns ynno Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Mark Dungey, Janet Axten ha Cora Boyns Buchanan

Rag kedhlow pella po rag hwithra an govskrifva, kestavewgh mar pleg orth po pell. 01209 860970


An Kessedhek Kovskrifow ha Dyllansow a synsis y guntelles Hav dhe’n Hel Wig Dowrdu, mes ny a wayt ni dhe allos gul devnydh a Gresen Kernow - nowydh-ygerys – gans hy homodytys arnowydh rag agan kuntelles Kynyav.  Ni a wra gorra agan kovskrifow ena y’n termyn a dheu.

Ni re wrug skeusen a’n eseli weythresek a’n Kessesdhek.  Ymons…. Jerry Rogers, Peter Thomas, Mark Dungey, David Stark, Terry Knight, Janet Axten, Cora Buchanan, Carole Stark.  An skeusen a veu gwrys gans Howard Peskett.

An vledhen usi passys dy’Yow 5ves a vis Gwynngala dhe’n Fest Lien Holyer an Gof yn Lannust ni a wrug lonchya dew lyver nowydh.  An kynsa o ‘Berdh Kernow Ranndir Lannust’.  Ny a wrug hwilas y’n kovskrifow ha hwithra an Verdh y’n ranndir le mayth yw synsys an Orsedh.  An vledhen ma eseli ha kothmans Kowethas Kernow Goth Lannust ha Boskaswal Wartha a’gas gweresas.  I a weresas gans skeusennow ha kovyow, ena eseli an Kessedhek a gesgorras an kedhlow ha – wosa meur a ober gans pubonan - an lyver o parys rag an lonch.

Agan nessa lyver o onan bras – ‘Berdh Kernewek an Diaspora Kevrol 2’.  Hemm a wra gorheri kemmys berdh ha ni a yllyn aga havos dhyworth oll an bys, a-les Ostrali ha Mordir Nowydh, kudhys seulabrys yn Kevrol 1.  Ni re gestavas orth Berdh, po orth aga diyskynnysi, dhyworth etek broyow hag i re ros dhyn skeusennow ha kethlow talvosek a-dro  dhe’n kowlwriansow aga disyskynnysi , neb a dravalyas an bys hag a veu gwrys bardh gans an Orsedh yn bledhynnyow usi passys.  An ober prederus rag an lyver ma a veu gwrys gans eseli an kessedhek Carole ha David Stark, neb re oberas heb lett, ow kestava orth berdh dhyworth Hawaii bys dhe Durki ha teyluyow dhyworth Ostrali bys dhe Zimbabawe, ha res yw dhyn aga heslowenhe awos ober dynyansek.  Ynwedh arta, an lyver a veu checkyes ha gorrys war-barth gans eseli an Kessedhek hag o parys – gans y gudhlen glas golow – rag an jydh lonchya.
Lemmynni a werth dasskryfow ‘pryntya war dhemond’ a’n dhew lyver - £5 pub lyver.  An lyvrow yw kavadow ynwedh avel yskargans heb kost dhyworth an wiasva ma.  Y hyllir unwedh prena lyvrow berdh erel ha dyllansow erel Gorsedh Kernow dhyworth an gwerthji gwiasva.




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