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Gorsedh Kernow is delighted to offer this beautiful range of tin jewellery, handmade in Cornwall by the craftsmen and women of St Justin Ltd.  All pieces in the Cornish tin range will contain at least 30% Cornish tin and all pieces are supplied in satin and velvet-lined gift boxes.
Cornwall is justly proud of its ancient tin industry and nowhere in the world was tin mining so ingrained into the local culture as Cornwall, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries.  The Cornish landscape is dotted with the remains of stacks and engine houses that leave a poignant reminder of this once thriving industry. 

Tin was not only mined in Cornwall, it was smelted and cast into ingots made locally as well.  Much of this tin was transported all over the world by sea from Cornwall and occasionally some of the ships were lost.  One such ship was the SS Liverpool which sank off Anglesey in 1863.  She lay on the seabed for 138 years until her remains were found along with a cargo of tin ingots.  It turned out that these ingots carried the distinctive lamb and flag stamp which confirmed that they had been originally smelted at Chyandour, Penzance in 1862. 

After being raised from the seabed and carefully cleaned the tin was sold.  A portion of this tin has been secured by St Justin and at least 30% of this pure Cornish shipwreck tin is used in the manufacture of this range, helping to preserve this special piece of Cornish history.


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Cornish tin bangle –  a simple beaten tin bangle with D shaped profile.

Available in 3 sizes – please choose from the drop down menu.

£24.75 Product code: DCB35

Cost with postage

Internal diameter


Cornish Tin – St Piran flag bookmark – a nickel-plated page marker with a cold enamelled Cornish tin St Piran flag on the top.

£24.25 Product code: DCBM01

With postage


Cornish Tin – Engine house bookmark – a nickel-plated page marker with a Cornish tin engine house on top.

£20.75 Product code: DCBM02

With postage


Engine house T-bar cufflinks – Cornish tin cufflinks with silver-plated T-bars.

£24.75 Product code: DCC16

With postage

The Awen Range

Awen is a Celtic word meaning "inspiration", a `flowing spirit', the essence of life sustaining essential links between people, cultural life and community. In the Gorsedh Kernow Awen ceremony, held each June around midsummer’s day, the 3-rayed Awen symbol signifying Furneth (Wisdom), Gwir (Truth) ha Kerensa (Love) is a catalyst for a charming and deeply moving part of the ceremony, where two elders of the community, who have lived a full life, hand over to two children of the community the Gorsedh Kernow “Book of Life”, a piece of lime wood beautifully sculpted in the form of an open book, representing the passing of wisdom from one generation to another. The Awen symbol is used by the Bards of Gorsedh Kernow on ceremonial dress, regalia, banners and as a wider symbol of recognition on printed materials and other media.
Gorsedh Kernow’s Awen ceremony is a recent development in the life of Gorsedh Kernow, and was devised following a desire to raise the profile of the Gorsedh while at the same time allowing it to return to its roots and meet in a less formal way than is the custom with the main Bardic ceremony held in early September.

Cornish Awen tin brooch

A beautiful Cornish tin brooch with an Awen design. Secures to garment by way of a pin with locking, safety catch.

£19.50 Product code: DCBR16 Diameter - 55mm

With postage

Cornish Awen tin T-bar cufflinks

Cornish tin cufflinks with a Cornish Awen design. The T-bar findings are silver-plated

£21.25 Product code: DCC26 
Diameter - 15 mm

With postage

Cornish Awen tie slide

Cornish tie slide with a Cornish Awen design.


£14.50 Product code: DCT42

With postage

Cornish Awen tin drop earrings

With silver hooks and scrolls.


£17.24 Product code: DCE42 Diameter - 15mm

With postage

Cornish Awen tin stud earrings

With silver posts and scrolls

£17.24 Product code: DCE16  Diameter - 15mm

With postage

Also available


Cornish Awen tin clip earrings

A clip version of the stud earrings above for people without pierced ears.

£17.24 Product code:DCE43 Diameter - 15mm

With postage

Awen lapel pin

Tin lapel pin with the Awen symbol

£12.50 Product code: CGDCLP2

With postage

Cornish Awen tin pendant

On a waxed cotton thong

£15.74 Product code: DCP16  Height 35mm  Width 28mm

With postage


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