Submitted publications from 2019

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Class 1: Dyllansow yn Kernewek (Publications in the Cornish language)

1a: Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas (books in Cornish for teaching/learning)

Passio Christi (Student edition)

ed. Roger Courtenay

Kesva an Taves Kernewek

Teach Your Dog Cornish

Anne Cakebread

Y Lolfa

Verbow Kernewek

ed. Tony Hak

Kesva an Taves Kernewek

1b. Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes (books in Cornish for children)

Men an Toll

Joana Vafanda

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

1c. Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow (books in Cornish for adults)

An Oerwyns (The Blizzard)

William Penrose et al

Kowethas Kernewek City Lit

Colloquial Doesn't Mean Corrupt

Rod Lyon


Virgil's Fountain (Fenten Feryl)

Tim Saunders

Francis Boutle

1d. Lyvrow treylyes yn Kernewek (books translated into Cornish) There were no entries in this class this year.

Class 2: Books for children



2a: Books for children of primary age

Cornwall: An Alphabetical Adventure

Ben Rowswell


The Last Healing Tree of North Cornwall

Terry Faull


The Mermaid's Christmas Adventure

Michael Foreman

Mabecron Books

There's Something Nasty in My Pasty

Alasdair Hoswell

Hoswell Publishing

2b. Books for young adults

Can Bennwenn find a way?

Glynn Bennallick

Peter Glynn Bennallick

Guardian of the Stones

Victoria Osborne-Broad


3. Fiction for adults



A Cornish Inheritance

Terri Nixon

Little Brown Book Group - Piatkus Imprint

A Degree of Uncertainty

Nicola K. Smith

Compass Publishing

Cornish Tales of Place

Anna Chorlton

The History Press

Hidden Depths

Carla Vermaat

Carmichael Publishers

Let the Wild Waves Roar

Birte Hosken


Lighting the Sky

Katharine E. Smith

Heddon Publishing

Sticks and Stones

Katharine E. Smith

Heddon Publishing

The Mermaid's Call

Katherine Stansfield

Allison & Busby

The Promise

Ruth Saberton


The Soul of Lyskerrys

Robert Beck

Mandolin Press

The Tales of John Kneebone

Jim Wearne et al

Jim Wearne


Ruth Shedwick

Holcombe Press

Turning Serpentine

Alan M Kent


Class 4: Poetry and Drama

4a. Poetry

Cornwall On My Mind

Anna Kerensa Pascoe

Make Me A Plan

The Last Hundred

Aaron Kent

Guillemot Press

4b. Drama

Passio Christi (Community edition)

ed. Roger Courtenay

Kesva an Taves Kernewek

Class 5: Non-fiction for adults

5a. Social, Political and Cultural History

Bronte Territories: Cornwall and the Unexplored Maternal Legacy 1760 - 1870

Melissa Harie

Edward Everett Root Publishers' Co Ltd

Cornwall: Connectivity and Identity in the Fourteenth Century


Boydell and Brewer Ltd.

Creating Kresen Kernow

Sue Lewington

Kresen Kernow

Duelling with Stukas

Andy Phillips

St. Ives Printing and Publishing Co.

Friends and Visitors

Katherine Bradley

Hypatia Publications

Growing up in West Cornwall

ed. Sally Corbet

Penwith Local History Group

Gunwen: A Journey Through Time

Garry Tregidga

Friends of Gunwen

Home of Springs: Trengwainton

Barbara Santi

Awen Productions / Barbara Santi

On the Brink

Charles Fox


The Cornish in the Caribbean

Sue Appleby

Troubador (Matador)

The Folklore of Cornwalll

Ronald M. James

University of Exeter Press

The Gibsons: Master Photographers of Victorian Cornwall

John Edwards and the Penlee House Research Group

Penlee House Gallery and Museum

The Mother of the Brontes

Sharon Wright

Pen and Sword Books

5b. Science, Environment and Industrial/Marine

Five Million Tides

Christian Boulton

The HIstory Press

Levant Mine: An Anthology

eds. Peter Joseph and Graham Thorne

Trevithick Society

Sea of Storms

Richard Larn and Oliver Hurst (illustrator)

Mabecron Books

The Ancient Woods of the Helford River

Oliver Rackham

Little Toller Books

The Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of Mid-Cornwall

Damian Nance, Kenneth Brown and Tony Clarke

Lightmoor Press

5c. Leisure and Lifestyle

Fifty Views of St. Michael's Mount

Mike Newman

Trevale Press

Slow Travel: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Kirsty Fergusson

Bradt Travel Guides

The Great Cornish Handed Down Recipe Book

Judy Lawton

Cornwall Hospice Care

The Horse Riding Tourist

Rachel Lofthouse

Lofthouse Books

Waves - Seascapes, Storms and Surf

Mike Newman

Trevale Press

5d. Memoir



Golden Embers

Lilian James



Catrina Davies

riverrun, Quercus

St Austell: Views from the past

Carl Roberts

Palace Printers

The Bras and the Bees

F.A. Notley


The Long Deep

Des Hannigan


6. Booklets - publications of 80 pages or fewer

Calstock Bell Restoration Project

Sue McClaughty


Cornish Bards of St. Just in Penwith and District

Gorsedh Kernow Archives and Publications Committee

Gorsedh Kernow

Cornish Bards of the Diaspora Vol. 2

Gorsedh Kernow Archives and Publications Committee

Gorsedh Kernow

Swimming Mount's Bay

Penny Rumble and Sand Rothwell

Penny Rumble

Tansys Golowan

Merv Davey


They Shall Land

Craig Weatherhill

Penwith Press

Top 10 walks: North Cornwall Coast

Dennis Kelsall

Northern Eye Books

Top 10 walks: South Cornwall Coast

Dennis Kelsall

Northern Eye Books

We ring the quick to church: A group of bell-ringing boards in Cornish churches

Anthony Tibbles








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