Entry Classes

Small classes may be combined at the NOMINATION stage.

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   Class 1.0:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas ( Books in Cornish for teaching )

  A Learners' Cornish Dictionary in the Standard Written Form Steve Harris (Editor) Ors Sempel & An Kylgh Kernewek
  Taves an Tir - Resources Pack for Schools            Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

   Class 1.2:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow ( Books in Cornish for adults )

  Honna: Story Viaj Coynt H. Rider Haggard; trans; Nicholas Williams Evertype
  Dracùla hag Ôstyas Dracùla Bram Stoker; trans; Nicholas Williams Evertype
  Hwedhlow a Flogholeth ha Yowynkneth, h.e.               John Prowse Lyvrow Avalennek
  Tenkys Rod Lyon Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  An Kevreyth Howlek Rod Lyon Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  Demelsa Nankarrek ha hwedhlow erel John Richards Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

   Class 2.0:  Books for Children of Primary age

  Fender and the Cliff Rescue Veronica Lamond Veronica Lamond Ltd.
  A Christmas in Cornwall Craig Green & Oliver Hurst Mabecron Books
  Sam and the Seagulls Stephen Warman Mabecron Books
  The Little Red Egg Judy Scrimshaw Granny Moff Books
  Meva Mouse Meets the Cornish Bears Karen Davis Self-published - Marina Publishing
  Meva Mouse has a Lucky Escape Karen Davis Self-published - Marina Publishing
  The Lonely Crantock Mermaid Paul Benney (Ilust. Salli Blackford) Self-published

   Class 2.1:  Books for young adults

  The Solstice Blade Robert Beck Self-published - Mandolin Press
  Merlin's Vow Rosie Morgan Liscarret Creations
  The Fortune of the Seventh Stone Petrus Ursem Self-published - Gresham House Studios

   Class 3.0:  Adult fiction

  Summer in Tintagel Amanda James Urbane Publications Limited
  The Black Rocks of Morwenstow John Wilcox Allison & Busby
  The Cornish Guesthouse Emma Burstall Head of Zeus
  Through Minty Meadows Jane Nancarrow Self-published
  Buried in the Country Carole Dunn Little Brown Book Group
  Between the Shafts Myrna Combellack Cornish Fiction
  The Carpenter's Daughter Gloria Cook Ebury Press
  A Cord of Three Strands S. J. Haxton Boswell Book Publishing
  Broken Dove L. A. Kent WillowOrchard Publishing
  What everybody is saying Carla Vermaat Carmichael Publishers
  The Cat of Yule Cottage Lili Hayward Hodder & Stoughton

   Class 4.0:  Poetry

  Kylghyow Nefra Digressya - Ever Decreasing Circles Ann Trevenen Jenkin Noonvares Press
  Newlyn Eye Ben Batten Joy Batten
  I want to write about England Demelza Monk

Tŷ Celf


   Class 5.0:  Non-Fiction - History, Language and Creative Arts

  From Leeds to Penzance and Back Again Patricia Lusardi Self-published - Domino House
  Cornwall's First Golden Age Bernard Deacon Francis Boutle Publishers
  Scryfer: Robert Victor Walling 1895-1976 - Bard & Journalist Ann Trevenen Jenkin & Stephen Gadd Gorsedh Kernow & Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  A Fight for Life Ingo Küster P & B Hawkey
  Cornwall: As Unseen By Me Terry Lander Self-published - Livit Publishing
  Otherworlds: Images of Transformation in Cornish Culture Brendan McMahon Evertype
  Gathering the Fragments: Storytelling and Cultural Resistance in Cornwall Brendan McMahon Evertype
  Cornish Solidarity: Using culture to Strengthen Communities Neil Kennedy Evertype
  The Cornish Consonantal System: Implications for the Revival Nicholas Williams Evertype
  Studies in Traditional Cornish Nicholas Williams Evertype
  Flushing: A People's History John Marquis Self-published (First Edition Press)
  7 Summits Ed Buckingham Crescent House
  The Red River Paul Williams Self-published
  The Witty Vagabond: A Biography of Creosbie Garstin (1887-1930) Author Artist Adventurer David Tovey Wilson Books
  Cornish Witchcraft - The Confessions of a Westcountry Witch-finder William Henry Paynter Jason Semmens
  Walks in the Footsteps of Winston Graham's Poldark Sue Kittow Jane Evans
  St Blazey, Par, Tywardreath Remembered Barbara Seed Self-published
  The Cornish in Latin America Dr. S.P. Schwartz Cornubian Press
  Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World Marc Raboy Oxford University Press

   Class 5.1:  Non-Fiction: Marine, Industrial Heritage and the Environment

  Tinners, Sinners & Winners: The History of the Manor of Cosawes Dorothy Archer & Colin Poole Dorothy Archer & Colin Poole
  Cornwall';s Fuse Works 1831 - 1961 Diane Hodnett The Trevithick Society
  The Great County Adit Allen Buckley The Trevithick Society
  Cornubia: The Life and Times of a Hayle Steamship Peter Joseph Peninsula Projects
  Longships Lighthouse Elisabeth Stanbrook Twelveheads Press
  Bishop Rock Lighthouse Elisabeth Stanbrook Twelveheads Press
  Sea Journal Lisa Woollett Zart Books
  Cornwall: Bosigran and the North Coast Andy March The Climbers' Club
  Thorn's of Bude David Thorn & Stuart Thorne Halsgrove
  Tommy Morrissey: fisherman painter Gill Scott Spur Valerian press
  The Engineers of Cornwall at the Mines of Pontgibaud in France Michael T Keirnan Cornish Global Migration Programme

   Class: 6.0:  Booklets

  Cornish Bards of Australia and New Zealand Compiled the Archives & Publications Committe of Gorsedh Kernow. Gorsedh Kernow
  Changing Places: Porthcurno and the roots of modern communication Steve Bladon, Rosalyn Goulding and others. PK Trust (registered charity 1062233)
  The Cornish History Notebook Dee Harris Ors Sempel & An Kylgh Kernewek