Entry Classes

Small classes may be combined at the NOMINATION stage.

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   Class 1.0:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas ( Books in Cornish for teaching )

  Gerlyver Poket / Pocket Dictionary Ken George (Editor) Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  Holyewgh an Lergh Bretonek Graham Sandercock Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  Lyver Lavarow: A Cornish-English Phrase Book Pol Hodge Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

   Class 1.1:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes ( Books in Cornish for children )

  Der an Gweder Meras ha Myns a gafas Alys Ena            Lewis Carroll (Trans: Nicholas Williams) Evertype
  Winni-an-pou A.A.Milne (Trans: John Parker) Kesva an Taves Kernewek

   Class 1.2:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow ( Books in Cornish for adults )

  An Kanker ha'y Dhiwbaw Owrek Herge (Trans: Mark Trevethan) Dalen Kernow
  Kas ha Dial Polin Prys Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  Câss Coynt an Doctour Jekyll ha Mêster Hyde                 R L Stevenson; (Trans: Nicholas Williams) Evertype
  Dhe Emlow an Galaksi Rod Lyon Kesva an Taves Kernewek
  Gooth ha Gowvreus     Jane Austen; (Trans: Nicholas Williams) Evertype

   Class 2.0:  Books for Children of Primary age

  Fender's Day at the Harbour Veronica Lamond Veronica Lamond Ltd.
  Alfred Wallis Colouring Book Alfred Wallis Unicorn press Ltd.
  A-Z of Cornwall Series - What we love about Cornwall Redruth School - Year 7 pupils St Austell Printing Company
  Tinners Hare Dan Lyons & Fiona Rose Mabecron Books
  Captured!  The incredible True Story of Thomas Pellow Craig Green & Oliver Hurst Mabecron Books
  Soggy and the Giant Philip Moran & Michael Foreman Mabecron Books
  Skillywidden (Brave Tales) Will Coleman Hope Education
  The Myth of the Madron Thorn (Brave Tales) Will Coleman Hope Education
  The Ballard of Gogmagog (Brave Tales) Will Coleman Hope Education
  Pirates and Promises Peter Gredan Davies Matador / Troubador
  The Ballard of Morgowr Judy Scrimshaw Granny Moff Books
  Kerenza: A New Australian Rosanne Hawke Omnibus Books (Scholastic Australia)

   Class 2.1:  Books for young adults

  deep water Lu Hersey Usborne Publishing

   Class 3.0:  Adult fiction

  The Divided Way Sheila Pilley The St Ives Printing & Publishing Co.
  Break in Communication Jon Gliddon Jon Gliddon (The Choir Press)
  The Sea Between Us Emylia Hall Headline Publishing Group
  A Year of Marvellous Ways Sarah Winman Headline Publishing Group
  Tremarnock Emma Burstall Head of Zeus
  The Little flower Shop by the Sea Ali McNamara Little Brown Book Group
  I Do Not Sleep Judy Finnigan Little Brown Book Group
  Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery Jenny Colgan Little Brown Book Group
  Geraint - last of the Arthurians Donald R Rawe Lodenek Press
  The Blue Bay Cafe Ann E Brockbank Ann E Brockbank
  Weathering Lucy Wood Bloomsbury Publishing
  The Cornish Captains of Industry Carmel Joyce Carmel Joyce / In-House Publishing
  Tregunna Carla Vermaat Carmichael Publishers
  Alice's Ventures in Wunderland (Cornu-English) Lewis Carroll; (Trans: Alan M Kent) Evertype

   Class 4.0:  Poetry

  More Tales from the Summer Lands Tony Cottrell Panacea Press
  Poems from the Vineyard Penelope Tremayne Pasticcio Ltd.
  Interim Nation Alan M Kent Francis Boutle Publishers
  Selected Poems - Jack Clemo Jack Clemo - Edited: Luke Thompson Enitharmon Press

   Class 4.1:  Drama

  National Minority Alan M Kent Francis Boutle Publishers
  Rialobran Esme Francis Cape Books

   Class 5.0:  Non-Fiction - History, Language and Creative Arts

  Cornish Bards of St Austell and the China Clay Area Compiled by the St Austell & China Clay Area book Committee with the support of the Archives & Publications Committe of Gorsedh Kernow Gorsedh Kernow
  A Potter in Japan Bernard Leach Unicorn Press Ltd.
  A Potter’s Book Bernard Leach Unicorn Press Ltd.
  Shout Kernow: Celebrating Cornwall's Pub Songs Hilary Coleman & Sally Burley Francis Boutle Publishers
  A Space to Write Amanda Harris Kernow Education Arts Partnership
  Battle Beneath the Trenches Robert K Johns Pen & Sword Books Limited
  The Winds Call No Man Sir Jonathan Ball Footsteps Press
  Dog in a Dustbin Rex Harper The St Ives Printing & Publishing Co.
  A Second helping of Port Isaac Dee Littlechild (Compiler & Editor) Pisces
  Penzance - The Biography Michael Sager-Fenton Amberley Publishing
  Cornish Pirates Legends Steve Tomlin Amberley Publishing
  PLEN AN GWARI: The Playing Places of Cornwall Will Coleman Golden Tree Productions
  Walks in the Footsteps of Cornish Writers Sue Kitten Sigma Leisure
  Trevone - The Story of a Village Frances Trenouth T J International
  Losing it in Cornwall Liz Hurley Mudlark's Press
  Scribbles from the Edge Liz Hurley Mudlark's Press

   Class 5.1:  Non-Fiction: Marine, Industrial Heritage and the Environment

  The Great Cornish Fish Book Ruth Huxley & Rosie Willmot Cornwall Food & Drink Ltd.
  A Wreck Upon the Ocean: Cornish Folklore in the Age of the Industrial Revolution Brendan McMohon Evertype
  Wheal Basset: Five centuries of Mining at Carnkie Allen Buckley The Trevithick Society
  Great Wheal Vor: A Study of the history and working of one of the richest tin mines in Cornwall Tony Bennett The Trevithick Society
  Teagle - Reflections on 75+ years Fred Teagle & Tony Mansell Trelease Publications
  Loe Bar and the Sandhill Rustic Moth Adrian Spalding Brill, Leiden
  A History of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club 1871-2012 Andrew Pool The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club & Andrew Pool

   Class 5.2:  Non-Fiction in which illustrations predominate

  The Great Cornish Fish Book Ruth Huxley & Rosie Willmot Cornwall Food & Drink Ltd.
  A Passion Play in Playing Place Adam Drouet Adam Drouet
  A Brush with the Coast Sasha Harding Sasha Harding
  Saltwater Kitchen Cookbook Hayley Spurway & Louise Searle Muse Media Limited
  Cornish Light - The Nottingham 1894 Exhibition Revisited

David Tovey for Penlee House Gallery & Museum, Penzance and Nottinham City Museums and Galleries

Sansom & Company

   Class: 6.0:  Booklets

  Gorsedh Kernow returns to Carwynnen Researched and ompiled by Ann Trevenen Jenkin with the support of the Archives & Publications Committe 0f Gorsedh Kernow Gorsedh Kernow
  100 Faces 100 Stories: Cornish Collections Illuminating the First World War Joanna Mattingly & Chloe Phillips (Editors) Heritage Lottery Fund & Cornwall Council
  The Barquentine Various; Chair FHHS: Ms Alex Lewis Fowey Harbour Heritage Society
  give me your painting hand - W.S.Graham & Cornwall David Whittaker Wavestone Press
  Old Cornwall - Spring 2015 Terry Knight (Editor) Federation of Old Cornwall Societies
  Old Cornwall - Autumn 2015 Terry Knight (Editor) Federation of Old Cornwall Societies
  Botallack Sketchbook 3 Glynda Winterson Vann Halman Publishing