Guests and Delegates at the Gorsedh in St. Just in 2019

Gwestoryon ha Kanasow dhe'n Orsedh yn Lannust 2019

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Rag gweles imach brassa, gwrewgh klickya imach byghan mar pleg. Rag iskarga eylskrif a'n imach, gwrewgh klickya an imach (gwrewgh pokya an boton a-dhyghow war an logosen) ha dewis 'Gwrewgh gwitha kevren avel'.

Mayor of St. Just, Marna Blundy with the Lord Lieutenant Sir Edward Bolitho
Mayor Consort, Howard Blundy and Mayor of Bude Bob Willingham
On the way to the field
On the way to the field
Welsh and Breton delegates
Jean-Pierre Knockaert, Breton delegate
Eurig Salisbury. Welsh delegate
Speech from Marthe Knockaert, Breton delegate
Hywel Griffith, Welsh delegate
John Cecil Jenkin (Carrek an Jawl) - awarded a Gorsedh certificate for 80 years of service John Cecil Jenkin and Grand Bard, Elizabeth Carne Marthe Knockaert - in the return procession
Photographes: Ivor Corkell and Gareth Parry


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