Proclamation 2019 in Newquay at the Celtic Congress/ Gwarnyans 2019 yn Tewyn Blustri dhe'n Guntelles Keltek

A special proclamation ceremony was held during the International Celtic Congress at Newquay in April 2019 where two members of the Congress - David Greaney from Wales and Yann Guillamot from Brittany were made honorary Bards of Gorsedh Kernow.

Y feu synsys gwarnyans arbennek Gorsedh Kernow yn kres an Guntelles Keltek Kesgwlasek yn Tewyn Blustri mis Ebrel 2019. Dew esel an Guntelles - David Greaney dhyworth Kembra ha Yann Guillamot dhyworth Breten Vyghan - a veu gwrys Berdh Enorys Gorsedh Kernow.

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Rag gweles imach brassa, gwrewgh klickya imach byghan mar pleg. Rag iskarga eylskrif a'n imach, gwrewgh klickya an imach (gwrewgh pokya an boton a-dhyghow war an logosen) ha dewis 'Gwrewgh gwitha kevren avel'.

Beginning of the procession
Tim Hambley leads the Bards through the hotel
Initiates David Greeney and Yann Guillamot
David Greaney with Lady of Cornwall Emily Earley
Lady of Cornwall with Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne
The Grand Bard receives a gift of spring flowers
The initiates are led forward David Graeney approaches the Grand Bard Yann Guillamot approaches the Grand Bard
Yann Guillamet with the Grand Bard Emily Earley, Lady of Cornwall, comes forward Deputy Grand Bard Pol Hodge with the Grand Bard
The Grand Bard leaves the ceremony The Grand Bard with new bards Yann Guillamot and David Greaney The Lady of Cornwall leaves the ceremony


Photographer: Gareth Parry. Meur ras dhodho/Many thanks to him

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