New Bards 2016/ Berdh nowydh 2016

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Rag gweles imach brassa, gwrewgh klickya imach byghan mar pleg. Rag iskarga eylskrif a'n imach, gwrewgh klickya an imach (gwrewgh pokya an boton a-dhyghow war an logosen) ha dewis 'Gwrewgh gwitha kevren avel'.

Photos by Gareth Parry and Ivor Corkell

Skeusennow gans Gareth Parry hag Ivor Corkell

Before the ceremony/kyns an solempnita In the church/y'n eglos Polin Prys for/rag Penny Champion
James Daniel Michael Edwards Thomas Giles
Clarinda Truscott for/rag Heather Gladstone Amanda Harris Jacqueline Heard
Keith Truscott for/rag Ronald James Frank Kneebone Joanna Mattingly
Helen Musser Eric Rabjohns Leanne Lloyd for/rag Sonia Reuter
Rod Sheaf Michael Smith Carole Stark
William Thomas Jacqueline Wheaton Ruediger Wohlers
Frank Kneebone Michael Smith Carole Stark

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