Solempnita Kesva an Taves Kernewek 14es a vis Gwynngala 2019

Cornish Language Board Presentation Ceremony 14th. September 2019

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Rag gweles imach brassa, gwrewgh klickya imach byghan mar pleg. Rag iskarga eylskrif a'n imach, gwrewgh klickya an imach (gwrewgh pokya an boton a-dhyghow war an logosen) ha dewis 'Gwrewgh gwitha kevren avel'.

Some of the successful candidates after the presentation WJEC Entry level candidates with former Grand Bard Jori Ansell
WJEC Level 1 candidates with Language Lead Mark Trevethan Kesva Grade 1 candidates with Kesva Chairman Ken George
Kesva Grade 2 candidates Kesva Grade 3 candidates
Kesva Grade 4 candidates Students from the Cornish class in St. Austell
Students and tutors from An Kylgh Kernewek Afterwards 1
Afterwards 2 Afterwards 3
  Photographer: Gareth Parry

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