Holyer an Gof Awards Presentation Evening at the Royal Cornwall Museum July 10th. 2019

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Cup winners

Class winners Winners and nominated publishers/authors
Steve Harris - winner of Class 1a Judy Scrimshaw - winner of Class 1b Ray Chubb - winner of Class 1c
Emma Jenkin - representing John Parker - nominated in Class 1c Ray Chubb - representing Michael Everson - winner of Class 1d Lisa Woollett and Sarah McCartney - winners of Class 2a
Mike O'Connor - nominated in Class 2a Judy Scrimshaw - nominated in Class 2a Petrus Ursem - nominated in Class 2b
Katherine Stansfield - winner of Class 3 Emma Timpany and Felicity Notley
- nominated in Class 3
Robert Goddard - nominated in Class 3
Michael Bunyan, Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds - winners of Class 5a R.C.E Quixley and Jon Quixley
- nominated in Class 5a
Sue Ellery-Hill - nominated in Class 5a
Lesley Trotter - nominated in Class 5a Deborah Tritton - representing Boydell
and Brewer - nominated in Class 5a
Emma Parkman and Ainsley Cocks - winner of Class 5b
John Stengelhofen - nominated in Class 5b Raynor Winn - winner of Class 5d David Whittaker - nominated in Class 5d
Anne and Terry Knight - winner of Class 6 Judy Scrimshaw - winner of the
Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Cup

Lisa Woollett and Sarah McCartney
- winner of the Ann Trevenen Jenkin Cup
Katherine Stansfield - winner of the
Holyer an Gof Cup (Fiction)
Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds - winners of the
FOCS Holyer an Gof Cup

Photographers: Ivor Corkell and Gareth Parry