Awards Evening 2016/ Gorthugher Pewasow 2016

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Rag gweles imach brassa, gwrewgh klickya imach byghan mar pleg. Rag iskarga eylskrif a'n imach, gwrewgh klickya an imach (gwrewgh pokya an boton a-dhyghow war an logosen) ha dewis 'Gwrewgh gwitha kevren avel'.

Photos by Gareth Parry

Skeusennow gans Gareth Parry

John Gillingham for Movyans Skolyow Meythrin
Mark Hawken
Patricia King
Patricia King reading her submission
Jill Thomas
Des Hannigan
Richard Nye
Rowan Musser of Keskowethyans
Keskowethyans Edward Rowe Edward Rowe
Bert Biscoe Wendy Simpson Steve Tanner
For Nick Hart Hilary Coleman and Sally Burley Red River Singers
Red River Singers Alban Roinard and Morag Robertson  

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