Kernewek Lowender 2015

Photos of the gathering of bards with Grand Bard, Maureen Fuller, at Kernewek Lowender on Saturday 23rd. May in Wallaroo, Australia / Skeusennow a'n kuntelles a verdh gans Bardh Meur, Maureen Fuller, dhe Kernewek Lowender dy'Sadorn 23a mis Me yn Wallaroo, Ostrali

Click on an image to see more information/Klyckyewgh orth imaj rag gweles pella kedhlow.

25 bards who live in Australia at Kernewek Lowender 2015
Bards from South Australia
Grand Bard Maureen Fuller with Ralph Thomas
Bards from South Australia
Bards of Melbourne
Bards of Ballarat
Winners of the Paul Smales medallion



Photographer: Robyn Coates

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