An Gof Commemoration 2016 in St. Keverne / Kovheans An Gof 2016 yn Lannahevran

Bardh Meur Merv Davey, the Rev Deborah MacKrill, Samuel Trounson, Loveday Jenkin and Anthony Richards

The An Gof procession on its way to the statue of Mighal an Gof and Thomas Flamank, St Keverne, Monday 27th June 2016.

the An Gof procession makes its way down to The Square after a short ceremony at the statue of An Gof and Thomas Flamank

17 year old Samuel Trounson places a wreath alongside the commemorative plaques recognising An Gof and Thomas Flamank

Two local children placing flowers at the foot of the statue of An Gof and Thomas Flamank, watched by Anthony Richards

Bardh Meur Merv Davey chats with local bard Anthony Richards before the commemoration ceremony.

Bards Karen Richards (left of picture) and Delia Brotherton chat to Bardh Meur Merv Davey

Bardh Meur Merv Davey


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