17.08.15. Gorsedh Kernow 2015 competition results announced

Gorsedh Kernow - a competitor collects his prize

A young competitor collects his prize.

The Council of Gorsedh Kernow is delighted to announce the results of their annual Adults and under 18s competitions.

“We try and encourage people of all ages, adults and children, to take a keen interest in all things Cornish and have a go at expressing how they feel about our precious culture through prose, poetry, music, art and media” said Grand Bard Maureen Fuller, “ and the resulting entries reflect just how far and widespread their love for Cornwall is.”

The wide appeal of the competitions is reflected in all the results, with several winners living in the St Austell area where the Esedhvos Festival and Bardic ceremony is being held this year. Some first prize winners of the adults competitions live outside Cornwall.

“This year we have slightly changed the criteria for the children’s classes to

Gorsedh Kernow - competitors with their prizes

Gorsedh Kernow – competitors with their prizes

encompass new media” said Mrs Fuller, “and it’s good to see that so many schools have responded with brilliant entries. I would like to particularly thank pupils and staff of Calstock School who this year are being awarded the Tallyour Trophy for a consistently high standard of competition entries over several years.”

The Grand Bard also highly commended the efforts of other schools with strong entries in certain classes and age groups.

“The youngest pupils at Cusgarne have forged ahead in the art and media classes while this year the older students of Cape Cornwall came through strongly in that same class,” said the Grand Bard.

“I also noted a good representation from Brunel Primary and, delightfully, a successful group of winners from St Austell’s own Penrice Academy. Well done to you all!”

Competition winners will be presented with their prizes at this years Gorsedh Kernow ceremony, which will be held at AFC St Austell Poltair Park on Saturday 5th September at 2pm, alongside the initiation of 20 new bards and the presentation of Gorsedh Kernow’s special awards.

The supreme prize of the Mordon-Caradar Rosebowl or the Cornish Crystal will be awarded to the most outstanding entry in the Cornish language competition classes and the winner will be anounced at the Bardic ceremony. All the winning entries for 2015 will be on display in St Austell during the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture, which runs from Tuesday 1st – Sunday 6th September 2015 .

For further information about Gorsedh Kernow competitions 2015 please contact Roger Garside, Competitions Secretary,

email competitions@gorsedhkernow.org.uk

For general information about Gorsedh Kernow please contact Delia Brotherton, Communications Officer, Gorsedh Kernow,

email communications@gorsedhkernow.org.uk

All competition results will be posted on the Gorsedh Kernow website   www.gorsedhkernow.org.uk

For details of the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival please visit www.esedhvos.org.uk

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Gorsedh Kernow Competition Results 2015

Adult Class Results

Class 1: Poetry in Cornish

1st: Gari Retalek (London)

Class 2: Prose in Cornish

1st: Richard Stewart Howe (Porthcawl, Wales)

Class 4a: Henry Jenner Cup (Cornish Essay in Cornish)

1st: Roger Henley (Sherborne, Dorset)

Class 4b: Sybil Pomeroy Cup (Cornish Essay in English)

1st: Ruth Webb (St Austell)

2nd: Derek Williams (Oswestry, Shropshire)

3rd: Alan M Kent (Probus)

Class 5: Rosmergy Cup (Cornish Dialect Prose)

1st: Patricia King (Illogan)

2nd: Jill Thomas (St Neot)

Class 6: Kewny Cup (Cornish Dialect Verse)

1st: Jill Thomas (St Neot)

2nd: Mary Quick (Carbis Bay)

3rd: Patricia King (Illogan)

Class 7: Ruth Moss Trophy (Short Story Set in Cornwall)

1st: John Jenkin (Bodmin)

2nd: Esmé Francis (St Just in Penwith)

Class 8: Morris Cup (English Verse on a Cornish Subject)

1st: Roland Gurney (Newmill, Penzance)

2nd: Jenny Hill (Whitby, North Yorkshire)

3rd: Stella F Breakwell (Saltash)

Highly Commended: Alan M Kent (Probus)

Class 9: Jack Evans Cup (English Verse by a Cornish Poet)

1st: Adrian Rodda (Camborne)

2nd: Stella F Breakwell (Saltash)

3rd: Valerie Jacob (St Austell) and Mary Quick (Carbis Bay)

Class 10: Bert Thomas Cup (Song in English about Cornwall)

1st: Bob Watson (Reading)

2nd: Esmé Francis (St Just in Penwith)

Class 11: Pat Power Memorial Trophy (Calligraphy)

1st: Janice McLelland (Preston, Lancs)

2nd: Megan Timmins (Plogonnec, Brittany)

3rd: Margaret Pedler (Truro) and Clare Timmins (Plogonnec, Brittany)

Class 12: Den Delynyans Plaque (Photography)

1st: Pat Hannington (St Austell)

2nd: Pat Hannington (St Austell)

3rd: Phili Mills (Dover)

Class 13: Rosenwyn Evrok Trophy (Photography)

1st: Phili Mills (Dover)

2nd: Tony Buscombe (Bodmin)

3rd: Phili Mills (Dover)

Class 14: Delywyor Hayl Salver (Painting in Any Medium)

1st: John Borman (Halsetown, St Ives)

2nd: William A Morris (London)

3rd: Caroline Marwood (St Ives)

Under 18 Class Results

The Tallyour Trophy will be awarded to Calstock School for a consistently high standard of competition entries over several years.

Class 15: Treneer Shield (Verse on a Cornish Subject: 12 to 17 years)

1st: Kathryn Taplin (Penrice Academy, St Austell)

2nd: Katherine Lee (Penrice Academy, St Austell)

3rd: Cali Sage (Penrice Academy, St Austell)

Class 16: Crida Cup (Verse on a Cornish Subject: 8 to 11 years)

Highly Commended: William Southcott (Calstock CP School)

Commended: Hattie Pollard (Calstock CP School) and Emily Wakeham (Penrice Academy, St Austell)

Class 19: Scholar Shield (Prose on a Cornish Subject: 8 to 11 years)

1st: Tegen Young (Calstock CP School)

2nd: Lowena Gazzard and Emily Thomson (both Cusgarne CP School)

3rd: Lizzie Matthews Brown (Calstock CP School) and Joe Thomson (Cusgarne CP School)

Highly Commended: Jonathan Banfield-Earp, Archie Chalk, Alice Pollard, Greta Spake urwin, Eliza Thomas-Hegarty (all Calstock CP School)

Commended: Grace Topps (Cusgarne CP School), Daisy Barker, Neo Budge, Heather Clarke, Claye Stapleton, Tegen Young (all Calstock CP School)

Class 20: Bard Shield (Prose on a Cornish Subject: 7 years and under)

Highly Commended: Ellathea Hardy (Calstock CP School)

Commended: Max Russell (Calstock CP School)

Class 21: Trevanion Shield (Art and Media on a Cornish Theme: 12 to 17 years)

1st: Emily Davies (Cape Cornwall School)

2nd: Kieron Hall (Cape Cornwall School)

3rd: Kara Eley (Cape Cornwall School)

Highly Commended: Jacob Kevern (Cape Cornwall School)

Commended: Cory Middleton and Chanie Waterhouse (both Cape Cornwall School)

Class 22: Howldrehevel Shield (Art and Media on a Cornish Theme: 8 to 11 years)

1st: Bluebell Yoshihara-Coles (Calstock CP School)

2nd: Sienna Hobbs (Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy)

3rd: Greta Spake Urwin (Calstock CP School)

Highly Commended: Nia Edwards (Cusgarne CP School), Alice Pollard and Tarik Young (both Calstock CP School)

Commended: Kai Fortin (Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy)

Class 23: An Den Shield (Art and Media on a Cornish Theme: 7 years and under)

1st: Viktor Topps (Cusgarne CP School)

2nd: Harry Sharples (Cusgarne CP School)

3rd: Harrison Childs (Cusgarne CP School)

Highly Commended: Ned Middlewick and Sunny Pepper (both Cusgarne CP School)

Commended: Trystan Billing (Cusgarne CP School)