“Gwrewgh Neppyth/Do Something” 4 – Dydh Aswonnans 2015 – Recognition Day 2015

What did you do on Dydh Aswonnans ?  Fly the Cornish flag? Spoke only in Cornish for the morning?  Danced the North Cornwall Furry round the back garden?

We hope you marked it in some special way and will continue to mark this special day by drawing attention to yourself and to Cornwall’s minority status.

Members of An Kylgh Kernewek – The Cornish Circle, including bards Vanessa Beeman, Gwenenen (Bee), Peter Harvey, Godhonyth an Nor (Earth Scientist), Rael Harvey, Myrgh Mydroilyn (Daughter of Mydroylyn), Roger Tackley, Baner Du (Jolly Roger), Esme Tackley, Davasyk Ell (Little Brown Sheep) and Pat Parry, Gwylan Gernow (Kittiwake) raised  a glass at their meeting at the New Inn in Mabe, what a brilliant way to celebrate!  Photographer and An Kylgh Kernewek treasurer:  Gareth Parry, Mab Meliner Gwlan (Son of a Wool Miller).

Celebrating the first anniversary of Cornwall's minority status
Celebrating the first anniversary of Cornwall’s minority status

The St Ives Twinning Association held a Cornish & Breton evening at the St Ives Arts Club with food and wine, art displays, short films, Cornish and Breton music and dance with Tir ha Tavas and the Baguettes including bard Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor (Miller’s Grand-daughter).

Tir ha Tavas play for Cornish and Breton dancing at St Ives Twinning Association evening
Tir ha Tavas play for Cornish and Breton dancing at St Ives Twinning Association evening

Sarah Tresidder, Palores Tavosek (Talkative Chough) delivered an short address in the Cornish language to open a well attended meeting in her village which was attended by 7 parish Councillors and one Cornwall Councillor. The meeting was about a proposed building on a conservation area within a World Heritage Site and was attended by about 90 people.

Please keep sending in your stories and photos telling us how you are

“Doing Something for Cornwall.”

Meur ras – many thanks.

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