Gwrewgh Neppyth / Do Something” 10 – “A Cornish Evening in Ladock

The Ladock Church Flower Festival weekend was held at the beginning of August 2015, with the theme of ‘Just one Footstep leads to a Journey’, and as part of the celebrations a Variety Concert was held on the Saturday night involving Ladock and Probus Church Choirs.

One of the items included was ‘ An Rosen Wyn’ sung partly in the Cornish language, Kernewek. The choirs were trained by bards of Gorsedh Kernow Hilary Keam (Degar Hwarth) and Valerie Willcox (Ylewyth Trevorva) who also conducted the joint choir.

The concert was recorded by Barry Nicolle and John Taylor – husbands of two of the choir members, and ended with everyone joining in the singing of  ‘Hail to the Homeland’ and’ Trelawny’.

The event attracted many people and raised much-needed funds for Ladock Church.  Well done to all and many thanks to Hilary Keam for telling us how the people of Ladock and Probus are “Doing Something for Cornwall” !

Do you have an event in which you are “Doing Something for Cornwall”? Please let us know by emailing your story to



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