29.8.15 “Gwrewgh Neppyth / Do Something” 9 – “MINE – A Cornish Evening in St Cleer”

When the vicar of St Cleer, the Rev Keith Lanyon-Jones was due to retire, a group of community minded locals decided to “Do Something for Cornwall” and mark the occasion by holding a Cornish Evening in the vicarage’s Pilgrimage Gardens.

The varied programme included songs like Jan Knuckey, Bal Maidens and Cousin Jack from local choir Con Brio, and readings from The Mermaid of Zennor, Cornish Cliffs and The Pasty so the evening had a well defined Cornish theme. But more than that, the whole event was rounded off with a play, promenaded through the vicarage gardens.

Eve Coomber as Bal Maiden in "MINE"
Eve Coomber as Bal Maiden in “MINE”

‘MINE’ a comedy by playwright and director Eve Coomber and performed by the St Cleer Players, was themed around the legendary Cornish “Knockers” and inspired by the song Tom Trevorrow…. ‘Tom Trevorrow, what have you done?  You should have left the Knockers a crumb…”

Originally written for the Sterts One-Act-Play competition, ‘MINE’ is set in an old copper mine on Caradon Hill – closed for around a century. With the price of copper increasing, a project is afoot to reopen her. Engineers and a geologist arrive to undertake an initial assessment. What was life like for the miners of old, they wonder. Were their needs and concerns so very different from those of today? As they explore the deep caverns, and tunnels, the past seems almost tangible…

St Cleer Players
St Cleer Players

The event attracted around 50 paying guests, and raised much-needed funds for St. Cleer Church.  Well done to you all and many thanks to Eve Coomber for sending in news of how people of St Cleer are “Doing Something for Cornwall” !

Do you have an event in which you are “Doing Something for Cornwall”? Please let us know by emailing your story to dosomething@gorsedhkernow.org.uk


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