“Gwrewgh Neppyth / Do Something” – 6 – Ros Keltek and The Dream Team

The Dream Team Theatre Company recently joined Ros Keltek, who taught them a few basic Cornish dances to be used in their London production of Origo Mundi, one of the remaining C14th Cornish plays that make up The Ordinalia cycle of miracle plays. Whilst down in Cornwall, they also soaked up the culture of Cornwall and attended Flora Day in Helston.

Rowan Musser of Ros Keltek has kindly sent the following report – thanks Rowan.

“The Dream Team’s visit on Friday night was a big success and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Their production of Origo Mundi contains lots of song and dance and at the end of the piece they will be encouraging their audience to join in the dancing with a Celtic circle dance. We taught them a selection of Cornish dances, including Phoebe, Ros Vur, Three Hand Reel, Mr Martin’s Reel and Newlyn Reel / Plethen Lulynn. Mark provided some background information about how the dances were collected and their history.

Ros Keltek and the Dream Team
Ros Keltek and the Dream Team

Guy Watson, a Cornishman from Carnmenellis and member of The Dream Team who organised the get-together said in an email to members of Ros Keltek:

“I cannot thank you enough for your support and warm welcome on Friday night. I had no idea you would plan an entire evening around our work and make us feel like such a part of your group. It was absolutely wonderful. 

Ros Keltek is such a great advert for Cornwall and Cornish spirit and you helped the actors begin to understood why I talk so passionately about my home. For the entire evening I felt immensely proud to be Cornish.”


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