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Gorsedh Kernow sends Christmas wishes in all six Celtic languages.

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Jackie Gainey's photos of the Gorsedh ceremony

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Kesva ceremony

Awards evening at the Esedhvos

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New Bards' names.

Grand Bard’s speech at Launceston 2nd September 2017

Press release: “Step Into Cornwall’s Story” says the Grand Bard of Cornwal.

Launceston gets ready to host the 2017 Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture.

Cornish Bards in Brittany.

After breakfast in the lakeside town of Huelgoat with delegates from the Welsh Gorsedd (Hywel Wyn and John Bull) Cornish Bards Mick Paynter (St Ives) and Tim Hambly (Launceston) (were met by the Celtic Secretary of the Breton Gorsedd, Veronique Ury-Madec (Sklerijenn) and its harper Jean Paul Ury-Madec(Telennour) and driven with the Welsh to Brasparts, and thence with more Breton Bards to the Stone Circle at Sant Kaduan on the slopes of Menez Mikael where the Gorsedd ceremony took place.

Several Bards and Novices were initiated at the ceremony, Hywel Wyn spoke to the Gorsedd in Welsh and Mick Paynter (Skogynn Pryv) in Breton. He said that Cornish people always felt at home in Brittany which was after all Cornwall’s first colony and hoped this was reciprocated.
Tim Hambly(Roscarrek) carried the Cornish half of the joining sword which was attached to the Breton half and ceremonially presented to Hywel representing the mother gorsedd.

Per Vari Kerloc’h (Morgan), Head of Goursez Breizh, the Breton Gorsedh spoke in Breton of the challenges of recent developements in France and Brittany.
He referred to the success of Macron’s new party  The Republic Marches On
while wondering exactly to where it was marching. He approved of the President’s expressed wish for Britain to change its mind over leaving the EU, but hoped that this was not hiding an ambition to “take over our neighbour’s social position within the Union” he added that Brexit or not the Cornish and the Welsh will always be welcome in Brittany.

After the Gorsedd mead was passed around and all returned to the village hall in Brasparts for a splendid meal where old friendships were renewed, new ones made, music played, and joint business of the three Gorsedds was carried out.  As usual Breton hospitality was unsurpassed.

Thanks for Mick Paynter for the article and photo.

Photo left to right

Hywel Wyn, Mick Paynter, Veronique and Jean Paul Ury-Madec, Tim Hambly

Grand Bard's speech at the Welsh Eisteddfod 2017

The Grand Bard with Alison Davey, Corolyores, on the Esteddfod Field on Anglesey

August/September/October 2017 newsletter Word version. PDF version.

Gorsedh Kernow names 9 new Bards for 2017.

Gorsedh Kernow congratulates successful Cornish language candidates

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Gallery: Awen 2017 at Bollowall Barrow (Carn Gloose) Sunday 18th. June.

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Grand Bard Merv Davey visits Kernewek Lowender in South Australia (May 2017)

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May/June/July 2017 newsletter Word version. PDF version.

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Grand Bard's speech. Gorsedh Kernow Proclamation, Launceston 22nd. Aprl 2017

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Gorsedh Kernow's 'Do Something for Cornwall' Challenge

Newsletter for Bards: February/March/April 2017 Word PDF

Church services in Cornish

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Gwrewgh gweles agan dyllansow gwask ha nowodhow rag kedhlow manylys.

War'n folen ma hwi a wra kavos kevren dhe folen gans dyllansow gwask, nowodhow ha hwarvosow Gorsedh Kernow, kevren dhe galendar MAGA ha devnydh dhyworth agan folen Lyver-enep.Rag newodhow 'koth' gwra gweles mar pleg an folen kovskrif po kovskrif an wiasva kens. A-barth woles an folen ma hwi a yll kavos an Kalendar Kernewek restrys gans an Sodhva Kernewek.

Dyllans gwask: Lyther dhiworth an Bardh Meur dhe Gonsel Kernow.

Gorsedh Kernow a dhanvon gorhemynadow Nadelik yn oll an hwegh yethow keltek.

Dyllans nowodhow: Gonisogeth kernewek ha profyansow bojet Konsel Kernow.

Hwi a yll kavos an lyther newodhow rag mis Du/Kevardhu ha Genver 2017/18 omma.

Dyllans gwask: Gorsedh Kernow a henow tre ostyans rag 2018.

Skeusennow Jackie Gainey a'n solempnita Gorsedh Kernow

Skeusennow Gareth Parry a'n solempnita Gorsedh Kernow

Skeusennow Ivor Corkell a'n Orsedh

Mirva a'n verdh nowydh

Solempnita Kesva

Gorthugher Pewasow dhe'n Esedhvos

Presentyans klewes-gweles a'n Pewasow ha Kesstrifow Gorsedh Kernow 2017

Gwydhyowyow a'n solempnita yn Lannstevan 2017

Henwyn Bardhek an Verdh nowydh

Areth Bardh Meur yn Lannstevan 2a a vis Gwynngala 2017

Dyllans gwask: "Kammewgh aberth yn hwedhel Kernow" yn-medh an Bardh Meur.

Lannstevan a wra ombareusi rag ostya Esedhvos 2017.

Berdh Gernewek yn Breten Vyghan.

Y’n dre war lann logh, Huelgoat, ha wosa hansel gans Kannasow an Orsedh Gembrek (Hywel Wyn ha John Bull) Berdh a Gernow Skogynn Pryv (Porth Ia) ha  Roskarrek (Lannstefan) veu metyes gans Sikrifennyades Geltek Gorsedh Breten Vyghan, Veronique Ury-Madec (Sklerijenn) ha’y thelennor Jean Paul Ury-Madec(Telennour) hag alenna lywyes gans an Gembrogyon dhe Vrasparts, hag ena gans nebes bardh ha bardhesow dhe’n kylgh maen Sen Kaduan war ledrow Menydh Mighal mayth esa solemptnys an Orsedh Igor Breten Vyghan.

Y feu ynstallyes nebes Bardh ha Diskiblyon dhe’n solempnita, Hywel Wyn a gewsis yn Kembrek then Orsedh ha  Skogynn Pryv yn Bretonek. Ev a a leveris bos Kernowyon pupprys orth aga omglywes i dhe vos tre yn Breten Vyghan esa agan kynsa koloni ha dalleth an diaspora Kernewek. Yth esa govenek dhodho bos an keth klywans yn Breten Vyghan.
Roscarrek a wrug doen hanter Kernewek an kledha junya esa kesjunyes dhe’n hanter Bretonek ha ros yn solemnita dhe Hywel avel Kannas an Vamm Orsedh.

Per Vari Kerloc’h (Morgan), Penn Derwydh Goursez Breizh, Gorsedh Breten Vyghan a gewsis yn Bretonek adro dhe lies chalenj hwarvosow lemmyn yn Pow Frynk hag yn Breten Vyghanlemmyn yn Pow Frynk ha Breten Vyghan.
Ev a dherivas sowena parti nowydh Macron  An Repoblek a Geskerdh
yn an ombrederi dhe by le yn poran a wrons i keskerdhes. Pur dha o ganso bodh ewn an President’ bos chanjyans mynnes yn Breten  Veur yn kever aga gasa an Kesunyans Ewropek ow kwaytya nyns esa kudhys ena  govenek gans an President “kemmeres savla werinel agan kentrevek y’n Kesunyans” ev a geworras mara pe po na be Brexit y fydh degemmerys yn ta pupprys an Gernowyon hag an Gembrogyon yn Breten Vyghan.

Wosa an Orsedh  y feu passyes adro medh rag eva ha pubonan a dhehwelas dhe hel an dre yn Brasparts rag prys splann mayth esa kowethyans koth dasnowydhhes, an re nowydh gwres, ilow senys, ha negys an teyr Gorsedh gwres. Del yw usyes yth esa kuvder dres eghenn yn Breten Vyghan,

Meur ras dhe Skogynn pryv a'n ethygel ha'n skeusen.

Skeusennow a-gleth dhe dhyghow

Hywel Wyn, Mick Paynter, Veronique and Jean Paul  Ury Madec

Areth Bardh Meur dhe Eisteddfod Kembra 2017.

An Bardh Meur ha Corolyores yn kerdh orth Maes yr Eisteddfod, Ynys Môn

Lyther nowodhow rag an misyow Est/Gwynngala/Hedra 2017. Versyon Word. Versyon PDF.

Gorsedh Kernow a henow 9 Berdh nowydh rag 2017.

Keslowena dhyworth Gorsedh Kernow rag an ombrofyoryon yn apposyanow an Gesva.

Dillans gwask: Gwaynyoryon Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow 2017.

Dillans gwask: Gwaynyoryon Pewasow Holyer an Gof 2017. Mirva.

Mirva: Solempnita Awen 2017 dhe Hirvedh Boslouhal (Karrek Loos)

Dillans gwask: hanwesigethow deklaryes rag Pewasow Holyer an Gof 2017.

Bardh Meur Merv Davey a dhe Kernewek Lowender yn Ostrali Soth (mis Metheven 2017).

Lyther nowodhow Haf dhyworth Cowethas Kernewek Loundres.

Lyther nowodhow rag an misyow Me/Metheven/Gortheren 2017. Versyon Word. Versyon PDF.

Mirva a skeusennow: Gwarnyans 2017 yn Lannstevan.

Gwydhyow nowydh: Gwarnyans 2017 yn Lannstevan.

Areth Bardh Meur. Gwarnyans Gorsedh Kernow, Lannstevan 22a a vis Ebrel 2017.

Dyllans gwask: Na wrewgh naha dhyn agan honanieth Keltek ollvysel yn-medh Bardh Meur a Gernow.

Chalenj Gorsedh Kernow 'Gwrewgh Neppyth rag Kernow'

Lyther Nowodhow misyow Hwevrer/Meurth/Ebrel 2017 Word PDF

Servisyow eglos yn Kernewek

MAGA Kalendar Kernewek po gwrewgh gweles a-barth woles an folen ma


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