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Saturday 24th November 7.30pm "Great Circle - The Call to be the First" – a story of triumph and tragedy in the 1968 Golden Globe Race, by bard Nick Hart, Ilewydh Sen Neot.  A brand new production of music and narrative to be performed at the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth. Tickets, priced between £2 and £15, are available via, or telephone:  01326 313388

The Cornish Language Forum will be held on Saturday 8th. November 2018 10 - 1 at Liskeard Methodist Church. All those interested in the future of Kernewek - the Cornish language - is welcome. For details please see the Cornish Language Office website.

Church services in Cornish

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Gwrewgh gweles agan dyllansow gwask ha nowodhow rag kedhlow manylys.

War'n folen ma hwi a wra kavos kevren dhe folen gans dyllansow gwask, nowodhow ha hwarvosow Gorsedh Kernow, kevren dhe galendar MAGA ha devnydh dhyworth agan folen Lyver-enep.Rag newodhow 'koth' gwra gweles mar pleg an folen kovskrif po kovskrif an wiasva kens. A-barth woles an folen ma hwi a yll kavos an Kalendar Kernewek restrys gans an Sodhva Kernewek.

Hwi a yll kavos an lyther newodhow rag mis Du/Kevardhu 2018 ha mis Genver 2019 omma.

Dy'Sadorn 24a a vis Du hanter wosa seyth eur gorthugherweyth. "Great Circle - the Call to be the First". Rag manylyon gwrewgh gweles an Sowsnek a-gledh mar pleg.

Yma'n nessa kuntelles an Dhalva dy'Sadorn 10 a vis Du 2018 Eglos Vethodek Lyskerrys; 10kh–1wh. Manylyon.


Servisyow eglos yn Kernewek

MAGA Kalendar Kernewek po gwrewgh gweles a-barth woles an folen ma


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Kalender Kernewek



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