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You can find the newsletter for February, March and April 2019 here. Further details about the events below can be found there.

Two members of the International Celtic Congress were made honorary Bards at a special proclamation at the Hotel Bristol in Newquay on Saturday 27th. April 2019. See the gallery of photos and a video

Gorsedh Kernow: Response to Tailored Review of Historic England Terms of Reference.

Grand Bard's speech at the Proclamation at Pendeen

New video: Proclamation 2019 in Pendeen

New gallery: Proclamation in Pendeen

New video: "Kernow". Written and Produced by Liam Martin, Sam King and Matt Goolding.

Important dates:

Thursday 28th February - closing date for Holyer an Gof entries. 

Saturday 2nd March onwards - Events celebrating St Piran’s Day:

Sunday 3rd March  St Piran procession through the dunes at Perranporth

Tuesday 5th March  Grand St Piran’s Day procession through Truro at 1pm with a short address at the Cathedral steps from the Grand Bard

Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd March  Cornwall Music Festival, Truro Methodist Church

Saturday 31st March  Closing date for GK Adults & Young People’s Awards entries.

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th April  Cornish language weekend, Newquay, beginners through to fluent speakers.

Saturday 13th April  Gorsedh Kernow Proclamation, 11am at Geevor Mine, Pendeen, followed by AGM at 12.30pm at Pendeen Village Hall.

Wednesday 24th April  5th anniversary of the granting of Minority Status.

Thursday 25th – Tuesday 30th April International Celtic Congress,  the Hotel Bristol, Newquay.

Saturday 27th April  Special robed bardic ceremony for the Celtic Congress, Newquay.

Saturday 27th April  Trevithick Day Camborne, more info  

Advanced notice –  Sunday 23rd June 11am , GK Awen ceremony, Duloe stone circle, PL14 4PN map ref SX 23585 58309. Access off the B3254 near the village of Duloe. Details in next newsletter.

Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture (including the Bardic ceremony on the Saturday) Wednesday 4th. - Sunday 8th. September in St. Just.


Church services in Cornish ('Services')

Kalendar Kernewek or see the bottom of this page.






Gwrewgh gweles agan dyllansow gwask ha nowodhow rag kedhlow manylys.

Gwrewgh vysytya agan folen Peran rag manylyon a hwarvosow dres Kernow ha moy.

War'n folen ma hwi a wra kavos kevren dhe folen gans dyllansow gwask, nowodhow ha hwarvosow Gorsedh Kernow, kevren dhe galendar MAGA ha devnydh dhyworth agan folen Lyver-enep.Rag newodhow 'koth' gwra gweles mar pleg an folen kovskrif po kovskrif an wiasva kens. A-barth woles an folen ma hwi a yll kavos an Kalendar Kernewek restrys gans an Sodhva Kernewek.

Hwi a yll kavos an lyther newodhow rag mis Hwevrer, Meurth hag Ebrel omma. Y hyllir kavos anylyon pella a-dro dhe'n hwarvosow a-woles ena

Dew esel an Guntelles Keltek Kesgwlasek a veu gwrys Berdh enorys dhe warnyans arbennek dhe'n Ostel Bristol dhe Dewyn Blustri dy'Sadorn 27ves a vis Ebrel 2019. Gwrewgh gweles an virva a skeusennow ha gwydhyow.

Gorsedh Kernow. Gorthyp dhe'n dashwythrans.

Areth Bardh Meur dhe'n Gwarnyans yn Boskaswal Wartha

Gwydhyow nowydh: Gwarnyans 2019 yn Boskaswal Wartha

Mirva nowydh: Gwarnyans yn Boskaswal Wartha

Video nowydh: "Kernow". Skrifys hag askorrys gans Liam Martin, Sam King ha Matt Goolding.

Dedhyow a vri

Gwrewgh gweles an Sowsnek mar pleg!


Servisyow eglos yn Kernewek ('Services')

Kalendar Kernewek po gwrewgh gweles a-barth woles an folen ma


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