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Gorsedh Kernow's Esedhvos Festival promotes and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity and Celtic heritage.

The Cornish equivalent of the Welsh Eisteddfod and Breton Gorsedd, it is held in Cornwall every year in the days surrounding the annual Gorsedh Kernow bardic ceremony.

The range of events is wide, open to the public and mostly free of charge, taking place in locations close to the current Gorsedh ceremony site.

Festival events usually include a Book Fair (LitFest - with authors from Holyer an Gof) , a one-day conference, a ceilidh, a concert, a bi-lingual Sunday Evensong and the opportunity to try out a bit of the Cornish language for yourself. Often there are talks, walks or demonstrations of local interest.

On Gorsedh Saturday itself, the impressive ceremony is augmented by colourful stalls on the Gorsedh Field. Here you may browse among stalls offering Cornish crafts, foods and drink, you can find information on local organisations and societies and also learn about Cornwall’s native language, Kernewek.

The whole experience gives you the opportunity each year to visit one of Cornwall’s beautiful, historic but maybe lesser-known towns and to explore Cornwall’s heritage and culture in a friendly, happy atmosphere of celebration.

Esedhvos 2019

N.B. Bards of Gorsedh Kernow should use the Bardic form here to book tickets.

Thursday 5th September

11am-3pm Literary Festival featuring Holyer an Gof “Meet the Authors” with Sue Ellery Hill, Katherine Stansfield, Dick Cole and Lesley Trotter and stalls with Cornish books and other items for sale. St Just Old Town Hall. Free entry.

10am - 4pm and 9pm - 10pm Display of Gorsedh Kernow Young People’s Awards and Adults Awards & Competitions entries, with the Grand Bard’s chair, at the St Just Miners’ Chapel. Free entry. Also on Friday 6th September 10am - 4pm and Saturday 7th September 10am - 12 noon

2018 winners

6.30 for 7pm Presentation of Gorsedh Kernow Young People's Awards and Adults' Awards and Competitions by Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne, Melennek. St. Just Old Town Hall. Invitation only.

Friday 6th September

10am – 4pm Conference “Global Kernow Today” with Glenn Caplin, CEO Cornwall Local Enterprise Partnership and Tamsin Daniel, Heritage Services Manager, Cornwall Council.  Stalls with Cornish items for sale. St Just Old Town Hall.

 Conference fee £5, and Pasty lunch £5. For tickets please download this  form.

7.30pm Cornish Troyl/Ceilidh with the Penzance Guizers and Helen Musser. St Just Old Town Hall. Free entry, retiring collection.

Saturday 7th September

From 11am Cornish stalls in Cape Cornwall Street.

1.30pm Procession of bards from Cape Cornwall School to the Plen an Gwari.

2pm Gorsedh Kernow Bardic ceremony @ the Plen an Gwari or @ Cape Cornwall School if wet. All welcome. Free.

7pm Gala Concert at the Miners’ Chapel with Cape Cornwall Singers, Anna & John Dowling, Keur Heb Hanow and Penzance Youth String Orchestra. Hosted by Bert Biscoe and Mary Ann Bloomfield. Tickets £6, available in advance here  or on the door if there are seats remaining.

8.30pm Cornish Come All Ye music and song session at The Star Inn. Hosted by Matt Blewett. Free.

Sunday 8th September

10am ‘Blas a Gernewek – A Taste of Cornish’ language session, at The Knut, adjacent to the Plen an Gwari . Free entry.

11am  Walk

Cornish Language Walk from Kenidjack to Wheal Owles and the Crowns Mine, ending in Botallack . With Ted Mole and Tony Phillips. Advance booking required if wanting paid for lunch at the Queens Arms at 12.30pm.  This is approximately two miles and will take about 90 minutes as some walking is on rough paths, so sturdy footwear is advised. Walk free.


Town Trail Walk starting from The Knut at 11am Led by Doug Luxford, President of the St Just and Pendeen Old Cornwall Society,  a shorter, level circular walk lasting an hour and pointing out places of interest.  Free.

3pm Evensong in Cornish at St Just Parish Church.  All welcome. Retiring collection.


Esedhvos 2018 - an account by Pat Parkins, Much Chereor, Esedhvos Events Manager

The Cornish Gorsedh 2018 was held in Newquay. The sun was shining (mostly!) the sea sparkled and the wind was gentle (again, mostly!) and the people of the town welcomed us (heartily!)

A Literary Festival on Thursday opened the Esedhvos Week, comprising short conversations with winners of the Holyer an Gov Competition, the launch of newly-published books and also stalls selling books and other items with a Cornish theme. The day ended with a folk play ‘Tide and Time’.

In conjunction with this, a display of work by the winners of Gorsedh Awards was held. A ceremony followed in the evening for them to receive their prizes.
Friday was the day of the Conference, with the title of ‘Cornwall’s cultural assets - time for change?’ The speakers put forward their thoughts for our future - much to ponder upon. To follow was a film on the life of the famous Henry Jenner, one of the cornerstones of the revival of our language. In the evening, we gathered for the Troyll (ceilidh): a chance to dance, to listen to great music and watch interesting traditional dances.

On Saturday, we were on the Barrowfield, a special place for our distant ancestors. Perhaps they celebrated rites and rejoiced in this same place, in times long past? A civic procession took place during the morning in the town centre, then in the afternoon, in a long and impressive line, the Bards brought the holiday traffic to a halt as we processed towards the Bardic Circle. There were also stalls to look at selling Cornish items, or listen to a choir rendering Cornish songs, learn a bit about Cornish Wrestling,   admire the amazing gig ‘Newquay’, the oldest gig in the world, and after all that, obtain a Cornish passport from the Tick Box Bus.

After the Bardic Tea, with tasty pasties, splits (jam first, of course!) and saffron cakes, the venue was filled to listen to the lively Concert, given by the talented musicians of the town, ending with us all singing  ‘Trelawney’ together. Afterwards, we gathered to continue singing and listening to each other making music.

Sunday began with ‘A Taste of Cornish’ - a chance to chat and sing together in Cornish and for beginners to try speaking a bit in Cornish. Straightaway afterwards followed a guided walk and talk around Old Newquay. After lunch, the week ended with Evensong in Cornish in the parish church, with beautiful singing in Cornish from the choir.
Don’t forget the next Gorsedh - first Saturday in September 2019!




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Hwi a yll kavos furvlen erghi rag an keskussulyans ha'n gool ilow omma. Berdh Gorsedh Kernow - usyewgh an furvlen war an folen Nowodhow rag Berdh mar pleg.

Mar mynnowgh pe dre PayPal, gwrewgh usya an boton a-woles mar pleg, ow lenwel an myns gwiw yn-dann 'Price per Item'.

Gool Ilow / Keskussulyans:

Rag 2019: Marchons a garsa kemeres rann y'n LitFest dy'Yow 5es a vis Gwynngala 2019 yn Lannust yw gelwys dhe iskarga ha lenwel an furvlen ma. Manylyon pella omma. Mar mynnowgh pe dre PayPal, gwrewgh usya onan a'n botonyow a-woles mar pleg, ow lenwel an myns gwiw yn-dann 'Price per Item'.

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Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow a’s teves bern a-dro dh’agan honanieth wonisogethel ha’gan ertach keltek. 

Haval dhe’n Esedhvos kembrek ha’n Gorsedd bretonek, ev a hwer pub bledhen y’n dedhyow  yn-kerghyn an Orsedh hy honan.

Gans meur a hwarvosow gonisogethel dihaval, an brassa rann anedha heb kost,  rag oll an werin yw an Esedhvos, mayth omlowenhahons yn tyller an Orsedh.

Herwydh usadow, yn Dedhyow an Esedhvos y kevir Fer Lyvrow (Fest Lien - gans awtours dhyworth Holyer an Gof), Jorna Keskussulyans, Troyll, Gool Ilow, Gwesper Diwyethek ha Myttin Lowender Kernewek.  Y hwyrvydh martesen ynwedh arethow, keskerdhow po diskwedhyansow a-dro dhe vateryow a’n ranndir.

Dy’Sadorn  an Orsedh, y fydh stallow afinys oll a-dro dhe Bark an Solempnita hag y hyllir gwandra ow mires orth kreftow, boos ha diwes kernewek, kavos kedhlow yn kever kowethasow teythyek, ha praktisya  agas Kernewek gans tus orth stall agan yeth!
Ottomma kedhlow rag an Esedhvos 2016 esa yn Lannahevren.

Der an prevyans ma pub bledhen, yth aswonir milwell trevow kernewek teg hag istorek hag omlowenhe yn prysweyth kernewek gwir.

Esedhvos 2019

Gwrewgh gweles an Sowsnek a-gledh mar pleg.

Esedhvos 2018

An Orsedh Kernow 2018 a veu synsys yn Tewyn Blustri. An howl a splanna (dre vras!), an mor a derlentri ha’n gwyns o dov (dre vras, arta!) ha pobel an dre a’gan dynerghis (dres eghen!)

Gool Lyennek dy’Yow a dhallathas Seythen an Esedhvos hag ynno keskowsow berr gans gwaynyoryon Kesstrif Holyer an Gof, lonch lyvrow nowydh-dyllys hag ynwedh stallow ow kwertha lyvrow ha taklow erel, Kernow aga thesten. An jydh a worfennas gans gwari drolla, ‘Mortid ha Termyn’.

Yn kettermyn ha henna, yth omgevi displetyans oberennow gwaynyoryon Pewasow an Orsedh. Solempnita a sewyas y’n gorthugher may tegemerens aga fewas.
Dy’Gwener o dydh an Keskusulyans, ‘Pythow gonisogethel Kernow - prysweyth chanjya?’ y hanow. An arethoryon a brofyas aga thybyansow a-dro dhe dermyn a dheu ragon - meur rag ombrederi yn y gever. Fylm a sewyas a-dro dhe vewnans an den a vri Henry Jenner, onan a’n pennmeyn dasvewnans agan yeth. Gorthugherweyth, ni a omguntellas rag an Troyll: chons rag donsya, goslowes orth  ilow splann ha mires orth donsyow hengovek meur dhe les.

Dy’Sadorn, yth esen ni war Bark an Krugow, tyller arbennek agan hendasow. Y hwrussens i martesen solempnya devosow hag omlowenhe y’n keth tyller ma, nans yw termyn hir. Keskerdh gwarnyans a veu synsys yn kres an dre myttinweyth; ena y’n dohajydh, avel lost hir ha posek, an Verdh a wrug hedhi daromras an havysi ha ni ow keskerdhes war-tu ha’n Kylgh Bardhek. Y firys ynwedh orth an stallow ow kwertha taklow kernewek, po goslowes orth keur a ros  kanow kernewek, dyski tamm yn kever Omdowl Kernewek, hwithra an gig marthus, ‘Newquay’ hy hanow, an kottha gig y’n norvys ha wosa oll a henna, kavos tremengummyas kernewek war’n Tick Box Bus.

Wosa Te Bardhek, gans pastiow savorek,  torthellow (kyfeyth kynsa, heb mar!) ha tesennow safron, an hel o leun rag goslowes orth Gool Ilow bewek, res gans ilewydhyon roasek an dre, ow korfenna ha ni ow kana ‘Trelawney’ oll war-barth. Awosa, ni a omguntellas rag pesya kana ha goslowes an eyl orth y gila ow kwari ilow.

Dy’Sul a dhallathas gans ‘Blas a Gernewek’ - chons dhe glappya ha kana yn Kernewek ha, rag dallethoryon, assaya kewsel tamm yn Kernewek. Heb hedhi, a sewyas keskerdh ha displetyans a-dro dhe Dewyn Blustri koth. Wosa li, an seythen a worfennas gans Gwesper Kernewek yn eglos an plu, gans kana teg yn Kernewek a-dhyworth an keur.
Porth kov a’n nessa Gorsedh - an kynsa dy’Sadorn a vis Gwynngala 2019!

Pat Parkins, Much Chereor, Esedhvos Events Manager, mis-Gwynngala 2018.

Gwrewgh dehweles yn skon rag manylyon a'n Esedhvos 2019.



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