Esedhvos Festival

The 2017 Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture will be held in Launceston and will run from Wednesday 30th August until Sunday 3rd September.  Further details to follow.

Grand Bard Merv Davey

The Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture promotes and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity and Celtic heritage.

The Cornish equivalent of the Welsh Eisteddfod and Breton Gorsedd, it is held in Cornwall every year in the days surrounding the annual Gorsedh Kernow bardic ceremony.

The range of events is wide, open to the public and mostly free of charge, taking place in locations close to the current Gorsedh ceremony site.

Festival events usually include a Book Fair, a one-day conference, a ceilidh, a concert, a bi-lingual Sunday Evensong and the opportunity to try out a bit of the Cornish language for yourself. Often there are talks, walks or demonstrations of local interest.

Yeth an Werin

On Gorsedh Saturday itself, the impressive ceremony is augmented by colourful stalls on the Gorsedh Field. Here you may browse among stalls offering Cornish crafts, foods and drink, you can find information on local organisations and societies and also learn about Cornwall’s native language, Kernewek.

The whole experience gives you the opportunity each year to visit one of Cornwall’s beautiful, historic but maybe lesser-known towns and to explore Cornwall’s heritage and culture in a friendly, happy atmosphere of celebration.

  • Do you have any queries or comments?

  • Would you like to take a stall on the Gorsedh Field or at the Book Fair in 2017?

Contact Pat Parkins, the Esedhvos Events Manager, either by email on or by leaving a text message or voicemail on our dedicated Esedhvos phoneline 077 621 69 733 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Report on the festival in 2016 from Pat Parkins, Esedhvos Events Manager:

The main Gorsedh Kernow ceremony took place in an iconic location for the Cornish - St Keverne, birthplace of the famous Michael an Gov.

There were displays all week in the beautiful church: the Grand Bard’s Chair, bardic robes, winning entries from the Gorsedh Competition and also information about the Taves an Tir (Language of the Land) placename project.

A Book Fair and Launch was held on the Thursday. The many visitors enjoyed browsing the stalls, listening to short, interesting talks and eating tasty cakes from a local cafe.
That evening, the church was full for the Gorsedh Competition Prizewinners’ Ceremony, with displays by the prizewinners and lots of happy people.

On Friday, the Gorsedh Conference discussed ‘Border in Peril’. A succession of academic speakers gave a variety of opinions to a full hall. If you wish to support the campaign against the Government’s proposal that North Cornwall share its MP with Devon, see the ‘News’ page of this website.

On Friday evening, the Esedhvos continued with an entertaining play written by the Mullion Cornish class about Mary Kelynack’s walk to London. Following this, it was time to dance at the Troyll (ceilidh) with the Penzance Guisers and to taste some special Gorsedh Ale.

Saturday, the day of the Ceremony itself - well, the sky emptied an amazing amount of water upon us, but we continued regardless. More than 20 stalls, plus a band and food, were happy enough inside tents - until the strongest wind of all arrived! More than 200 dripping bards swam down to the church instead of to the Gorsedh Field, but once arrived, the Ceremony was very successful.

After the bardic tea, and somewhat drier, we listened to a brilliant concert - lots of talented people in the parish! Then, to end the evening, we filled the White Hart pub to continue singing ourselves - in Cornish, of course.

On Sunday, the weather was calm & warm for us beside the sea in Porthallow village hall. We began with a talk on the archaeological investigations at Boden Vean, which brought to life the times of our distant ancestors in the Bronze Age. Then we continued with a jolly Myttin Lowender (Happy Morning) - an opportunity for the people of the area to try speaking a bit of Cornish themselves!

Esedhvos week concluded, as usual, with Evensong in Cornish, the sweet sound of the choir filling the parish church of St Keverne.

Pat Parkins, Much Chereor, mis-Hedra 2016.



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Y fydh synsys Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow yn Lannstevan dhyworth dy'Mergher 30ves a vis Est bys dhe dy'Sul 3a a vis Gwynngala. Pella derivadow diwettha.

Dons 'sarf'

Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow a’s teves bern a-dro dh’agan honanieth wonisogethel ha’gan ertach keltek. 

Haval dhe’n Esedhvos kembrek ha’n Gorsedd bretonek, ev a hwer pub bledhen y’n dedhyow  yn-kerghyn an Orsedh hy honan.

Gans meur a hwarvosow gonisogethel dihaval, an brassa rann anedha heb kost,  rag oll an werin yw an Esedhvos, mayth omlowenhahons yn tyller an Orsedh.

Herwydh usadow, yn Dedhyow an Esedhvos y kevir Fer Lyvrow, Jorna Keskussulyans, Troyll, Gool Ilow, Gwesper Diwyethek ha Myttin Lowender Kernewek.  Y hwyrvydh martesen ynwedh arethow, keskerdhow po diskwedhyansow a-dro dhe vateryow a’n ranndir.

Dy’Sadorn  an Orsedh, y fydh stallow afinys oll a-dro dhe Bark an Solempnita hag y hyllir gwandra ow mires orth kreftow, boos ha diwes kernewek, kavos kedhlow yn kever kowethasow teythyek, ha praktisya  agas Kernewek gans tus orth stall agan yeth!
Ottomma kedhlow rag an Esedhvos 2016 esa yn Lannahevren.

Der an prevyans ma pub bledhen, yth aswonir milwell trevow kernewek teg hag istorek hag omlowenhe yn prysweyth kernewek gwir.

  • Eus govynn po kampol dhywgh?

  • Eus hwans dhywgh kemeres stall po war Bark an Orsedh po orth an Fer Lyvrow?

Gwrewgh kestava Pat Parkins, Dyghtyer Hwarvosow an Esedhvos:
po der ebost orth po ow kasa messach tekst poken lev  yn klappkodh an Esedhvos 077 621 69 733 ha ni a vynn gorthybi skaffa gyllyn.

Derivas a-dro dhe'n Esedhvos 2016 dhyworth Pat Parkins, Dyghtyores Hwarvosow

Esedhvos 2016:

Gorthugher Pewasow

Solempnita Gorsedh Kernow 2016 a hwarva yn treveglos arbennik rag Kernowyon: Lannaghevran, tyller dineythyans Mighal an Gov, meur  y vri.

An seythEn oll, yth esa displetyansow y’n eglos teg: Kador Bardh Meur, powsyow bardhek,
gwaynyoryon kesstrif Gorsedh Kernow hag ynwedh kedhlow a-dro dhe Ragdres Taves an Tir.

Fer ha Lonch Lyvrow a veu synsys dy’Yow. Meur a dus a omlowenhas ena, ow mires orth an
stallow, ow koslowes orth arethow berr ha didheurek ha dybri tesennow sawrek a-dhiworth boesti teythyek.

An gorthugher na, an eglos o leun rag Solempnita Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow, gans
displetyansow gans an waynyoryon ha meur a dus lowen.

Dy’Gwener, Keskusulyans Gorsedh Kernow a dhadhlas ‘Or yn Peryl’ ha bagas a
arethoryon akademek a ros dhe hel leun prederyansow liesek. Mar myn’ta skoodhya an kaskyrgh er-bynn profyans an Governans rag Kernow an Kledhbarth ranna aga Esel a’n Senedh  gans Dewnens, mir orth an folen ‘Nowodhow’ war an wiasva ma.

Gorthugherweyth dy’Gwener, an Esedhvos a besyas gans gwari didhanus, gwrys gans an klass Kernewek Eglosvelyan a-dro dhe gerdh Mary Kelynack dhe Loundres. Wosa henna, prys o rag donsya y’n Troyll gans an Penzance Guisers ha blasa tamm Korev Gorsedh Kernow arbennek.

Dy’Sadorn, dydh  an Solempnita y honan - well, an ebron a asas dhe godha  myns marthys a dhowr warnan, mes ni a besyas heb hokyans. Moy es ugens stall, gans band ha boos, o lowen lowr yn-dann dyldow, bys yn eur pan dheuth an gwyns an kreffa oll! Moy es dewkans bardh gwylghys a neuvyas dhe’n eglos yn le Pras an Orsedh, mes devedhys ena, Solempnita an Orsedh a sewenas yn ta. Wosa an te bardhek, ha tamm syggha, ni a woslowas orth gool ilow bryntin - meur a dus roasek y’n dreveglos na! Ytho, rag gorfenna an gorthugher, ni a lenwis diwotti An Karow Gwynn rag pesya kana agan honan, yn Kernewek heb mar.

Dy’Sul, ha’n gewer o kosel ha tomm ragon ryb an mor yn hel godrev Porthallow. Ni a dhallathas gans areth a-dro dhe’n hwithransow hendhyskoniethel orth Boden Vean rag bywhe termynyow agan gorhengeughyon y’n O0s Brons. Ena, ni a besyas gans Myttin Lowender jolif - chons rag tus an bluw assaya kewsel tamm a Gernewek aga honan!

Seythen Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow a worfennas, dell usadow, gans Gwesper yn Kernewek, son hweg an keur ow lenwel eglos pluw Lannaghevran.

Pat Parkins, Much Chereor, mis-Gwynngala 2016.



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