The Gorsedh Kernow 'Do Something for Cornwall' Challenge 2015



Would you like to help put Cornwall on the map? Are you up for a challenge? Then why not take part in the “Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge 2015”?

The Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge 2015  has been devised to celebrate Cornwall and our recently awarded Minority Status.  Gorsedh Kernow exists to foster the Celtic Spirit of Cornwall and we have great opportunities to promote Cornwall and her distinctive culture, especially in the fields of the Cornish language, history, literature, music, song, dance, art and sport. 

You will probably have your own ideas, but here are a few to get you thinking….

  • Start or join a group of young people learning to surf or learn Cornish wrasslin’ – an ancient Celtic martial art. There is a lot of information about surfing available on the internet and you could also keep a lookout on the Gorsedh Kernow website for a special event being organised later in the year by Bard Tassy Swallow, Morvoren Mordonnow, which means Mermaid of the Seawaves.  Tassy is a professional surfer living in St Ives who has recently started a new surf school “SurfRatz” for young girls. If you are thinking about Cornish wrestling there is some really helpful information on the website    or contact the Chairman of the Cornish Wrestling Asssociation, Mike Cawley, Omdowler (Wrestler) on 01637 860601.

  • Ask your choir to learn a few songs in Cornish or about Cornwall to add to the choir’s repertoire. The An Daras website is a wonderful place to start –

  • Ask a local café or restaurant if they would like their menu in Cornish. The Cornish Language Partnership (MAGA) offer a translation service.

  • Ask your dance group to learn a couple of Cornish dances.  Once again the An Daras website is a wonderful place to start –

  • Bake a batch of homemade Cornish pasties or Cornish cup cakes – decorated with a St Piran flag perhaps - and post a picture of them on or our Facebook page under the caption “I’m Doing Something for Cornwall!”

  • Maybe you are moving to a new house and would like to name it in Cornish. Here are some suggestions for house names in Cornish.

Gwel Teg – Beautiful View
Gwel an Mor – Sea View
Gwel an Hal – Moor View
Gwel an Nans– Valley View

Gwel an Koos – Woodland View
Chi an Mor – House by the Sea
Chi an Treth – Beach House
Chi an Vre – Hill House

Pennhalow– End of the Moors
Penn an Vownder – End of the lane
An Dyji– The Small Cottage
Chi Gwynn – White House

Agan Chi – Our House
Chi Lowen – Happy House
Chi Ankempen – Untidy House
Chi a Gres – House of Peace

Devise a walk round your town or village giving points of interest.  Use Cornish placenames if you can.  There is a comprehensive list of Cornish place names on the Cornish Language Partnership website , click on the link here For details of a place-names project based in Lanivet, Heamoor and Redruth, click here.

Invite friends and neighbours round for a Cornish cream tea to raise funds for your favourite Cornish charity.  Make sure you put the jam and Cornish clotted cream on your Cornish split or scone in the correct order! (Jam first, then cream - and no butter!)

Support your local Old Cornwall Society events, monthly talks, midsummer bonfire or Crying the Neck ceremony.  There is plenty of information on the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies website  including details of your own local society.

Keep a lookout for more ideas on the Gorsedh Kernow website  and Facebook page and send in your ideas for sharing to

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