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Gorsedh Kernow

Competition Results, 2011

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Cornish Classes 2011 Winners

Class 1: (Gwersyow Yn Kernewek)

1st: Philip Chadwick (London)

Class 2: (Yeth Plen Yn Kernewek)

1st: Roger Henley (Dorset)

Class 3: Keskerth Kernow 500 Salver
(A Short Story For Beginners in Cornish)

1st: Martine Knight (Helston)

Class 4a: Henry Jenner Cup (Cornish Essay in Cornish)

1st: Roger Henley (Dorset)

Class 4b: Sybil Pomeroy Cup (Cornish Essay in English)

1st: Alan M. Kent (Truro)
2nd: Brendon McMahon (Derbyshire)
3rd: Charles Lovell (Gorran Haven)
Highly Commended: Tony Buscombe (Fowey), John Chirgwin Jenkin (Bodmin), J.M. Thomas (Liskeard)

Class 5: Rosemergy Cup (Cornish Dialect Prose)

1st: Terry Knight (St Agnes)
2nd: Phil Davey (Carnon Downs)

Class 6: Kewny Cup (Cornish Dialect Verse)

1st: Mary Quick (St. Ives)
2nd: Phil Davey (Carnon Downs)
3rd: Trevor Hicks (Chesterfield)

Class 7: Ruth Moss Trophy (Short Story Set In Cornwall)

1st: Elizabeth Morris (Northants)
2nd: Charles Lovell (Gorran Haven)

Class 8: Morris Cup (English Verse On A Cornish Subject)

1st: Maureen Jacket (Flushing)
2nd: Michael Dundrow (Gunnislake)
Commended: Esme Francis (St. Just in Penwith)

Class 9: Jack Evans Cup (English Verse By Cornish Poets)

1st: Diane Simkin (Camborne)
2nd: Alan M. Kent (Truro)
3rd: R. Thomas (Helston)
Highly Commended: Phil Davey (Carnon Downs)

Class 10: Bert Thomas Cup
(Song in English about Cornwall)

1st: Esme Francis (St. Just in Penwith)
2nd: Mike Thomas (Southampton)
3rd: Alan Weston (High Wycombe) & Bob Watson (Reading)

Class 11: Calligraphy

1st: Megan Timmins (Brittany)
2nd: Margaret Pedler (Truro)
3rd: Megan Timmins (Brittany)
Highly Commended: Claire Timmins (Brittany)
Commended: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)

Gorsedh Kernow Under 18 Results 2011

Class 15: Treneer Shield :
English Verse On A Cornish Subject 12-18yrs

1st: Matt Secombe (Richard Lander School)
Highly Commended : Katie Dobson, Grace Treweek (both Richard Lander School)
Commended : Craig Hilton, Oliver Miles (both Richard Lander School)

Class 16: Crida Cup:
English Verse On a Cornish Subject 1011yrs

1st: Imogen Edwards (Cusgarne C.P. School)
Highly Commended: Calypso Squibb (Cusgarne C.P. School), Caitlin Winter (Calstock C.P. School)

Class 17: Den Arwennack Trophy:
English Verse On A Cornish Subject under 10 yrs

1st: Isabella Puddiphat (Calstock C.P. School)
Highly Commended: Ellamae Taylor (Calstock C.P. School)

Class 22: Chun Cup:
Detailed Study Of Cornish Subject. 11yrs. & Under

1st: Imogen Edwards (Cusgarne C.P. School)
Highly Commended: Ellie Walmsley, Isabella Puddiphat (both Calstock C.P. School)
Commended: Lucas Bennet (Brunel C.P. School), Alfie Dingle, Caitlin Winter (both Calstock C.P. School)

Class 23: Cardiff Cornish Association Cup:
Short Story set in Cornwall (12-18yrs)

1st: Matt Secombe (Richard Lander School)
Highly Commended: Ellie Coleman (Richard Lander School)
Commended: Amy Hill, Gracie Treweek, Tyler Scobie, Natasha Finch (all Richard Lander School)

Class 24a: Scholar Shield:
Short Story Set In Cornwall (8-11yrs)

1st: Kathryn Willoughby (Crowan C.P. School)
Highly Commended: Charlotte Ferguson (Brunel C.P. School)
Commended: Hayley Roberts (Crowan C.P. School), Imogen Edwards (Cusgarne C.P. School), Kate Randall (Brunel C.P. School), Ellie Walmsley, Tamar Knight (both Calstock C.P. School)

Class 24b: Short Story Set In Cornwall (7 yrs and under)

1st: Dylan Bull-Stevens (Flushing C.of E. School)
Highly Commended: Ruby Woodiwis (Flushing C.of E. School)
Commended: Molly Wilson (Flushing C.of E. School)

Class 27: Howldrehevel Shield:
Painting In Any Medium 11yrs and under

1st: Lowenna Banfield-Earp (Calstock C.P. School)
2nd: Tamar Knight (Calstock C.P. School)
3rd: Kate Randall (Brunel C.P. School)
Highly Commended: Connor Barwick, James Burnet, Bailey Ford, Ben Holter, Declan Bird (all Brunel C.P. School)
Commended: Josh Davies, Isaac Hutton, Tom Barnes, Devi Young (all Calstock C.P. School), Oliver Wenman, Matthew Steed (both Pensilva C.P. School), Annabel Harry , Jordan Rin (both Crowan C.P. School), Ben Harris, Kera Mitchell, Eleri Griffiths, James Green, Abbie Burtwell (all Brunel C.P. School)


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