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Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards /
Piwasow Konsel an Orsedh Kernow, 2012

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorsedh.

Piwasow a res gans Bardh Meur dhe'n Orsedh Ygor.

Skoos Kowethas Kernewek Loundres
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Kernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Gloria Knight – Coverack:
For forty years the 'backbone' of "Cornwall Tapes", as she has striven to encourage supporters, who form a personal link as "chatterers" to the lonely, the blind or poorly sighted often in isolated places or cut-off by retirement.

Medal Bras Map Trevethan
Rag gonis dhe Gernow gans nebonan usi ow triga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Flora "Tommi" O'Hagan – Myrgh an Vermayl: 2008 (Daughter of the Vermillion) – a Minnesota Range:
Past President of the Cornish American Heritage Society (CAHS), maintaining world-wide contacts for a "Cousin Jack or Jenny" throughout the Diaspora, enabling people to visit libraries in the U.S.A. to access microfilm of the "West Briton".

Werison an Gannas
Rag avonsyans a Gernow yn-mes a Gernow.
The Ambassador’s Trophy
For the promotion of Cornwall beyond Cornwall.

Beatrice Curnow – Arghans Bew: 1980 (Quicksilver):
Well-known throughout the Diaspora for her love of the Cornish Language, the Pirantide Celebrations in Perranporth and for forty years’ organisation of the Breton Festival in L’Orient, The F.O.C.S./ Porthleven and Deputy Secretary of The Twinning for Cornwall Association.

Aventuryans Kernow
Rag kowlwrians dres ehen yn Kernow gans nebonan usi ow tiskwedhes dallethieth ha drehedhes sewena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust – Accepted by Susie Smith – Community Fundraising Manager:
Initially the "First Air Ambulance", financed by public fundraising and donations from the Cornish people, the service owes much to the pioneering work of Geoff Newman in 1986 and links with the local health authority.

Attent Dres Ehen
Rag kowlwrians Kernewek dres ehen a dhendil aswonnans keswlasek.
Exceptional Endeavour
For an outstanding Cornish achievement meriting international recognition.

Tassy Swallow:
The youngest Sports Ambassador for Cornwall at eighteen, having represented Great Britain four times in the Junior British Surfing Team, hoping to represent the country in Surfing and Snowboarding.

Piwasow Ilow / Music Awards

Skoos an Orsedh
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe ilow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

Veronica Woodburn – Probus, Truro:
Superb commitment to her work as a peripatetic teacher in mixed ability groups for 29 years; enthusiastic conductor of the Truro Junior Strings and other schools throughout Cornwall. Head of Strings and the violin section of Cornwall Youth Orchestra.

Hanaf Sampson Hosking
Piwas res dhe ganoryon aga honan henavek.
Sampson Hosking Cup
Awarded to senior solo singers.

Christine Cumber – Aston, Helston:
Started singing in Chapel as a child, continued at Wendron Primary and Helston Grammar Schools, has taken part in Gilbert and Sullivan productions and other leading productions as well many Cornish Music Festivals, also solo performances with male choirs.

Hanaf Kowethas Kernewek Bournemouth
Rag Bagas Ilow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

White River Gospel – St. Dennis:
The river flowing through St. Austell, so-called because of the natural clay resource deposits, has inspired the group, whose ages range from 9 to 80+, where there are between 40 to 60 members, often performing at weddings and the Restormal Proms.

Werison Menestrouthi Bres
Brass Band Trophy

Launceston Town Band – Accepted by Mike Warne – Chairman:
The band was a founder member of the South West Brass Band association, qualifying for the Finals of the National Championships last September and the only Cornish representatives this year. They have won the 4th Section Prize in Exmouth and 4th Section of the South West B.B.A. Contest.

Skoos Treverva
Rag person unnik a gennerth gwrians-ilow gans tus yowynk.
Treverva Shield
For an individual who encourages music-making by young people.

John Greaves of "Music Cornwall":
From 1994 Deputy Head of Instrumental Curriculum. Amongst many roles he led ‘Carrick Winds’ in National Competitions. Now in charge of Service to Music in Cornwall, ensuring that the provision for young people has been safe-guarded after three years’ upheaval.

Krows Cornwhylen
Rag gwrythyow ilowek a syns ynna elven gryjyk.
Cornwhylen Cross
For musical performances which include a religious element

Leslie Hollow – Ludgvan, Penzance – Accompanied by his wife, the accompanist:
From a boy soprano at Hellesveor Church Choir where his father was organist, he was Musical Director of Hayle Ladies’ Choir for 23 years, now Musical Director of the Burians Choir and still a keen active member of Marazion Male Voice Choir.

Holyer An Gof Awards 2012


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