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Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards /
Piwasow Konsel an Orsedh Kernow, 2011

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorsedh.

Piwasow a res gans Bardh Meur dhe'n Orsedh Ygor.

Skoos Kowethas Kernewek a Loundres
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Gernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Rev. Dr. Malcom White – Honorary Chaplain – L.C.A.:
Rev. White has conducted Annual Services for many years at the Chapel of Westminster Methodist Central Hall, offered grace at London and several Thames Valley Associations and, hopefully, will be able to give the Trelawny Lecture next year after a serious fall recently at his home in Cornwall.

Medal Bras Map Trevethan
Rag gonis dhe Gernow gans nebonan usi ow triga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Mary Watters – Torbay Cornish Association:
Born in West Cornwall, but now residing in St. Budeaux, Mary has worked over 50 years for Cornish Associations as a well-known Ambassador through giving talks, raising funds for the Air Ambulance, organising competitions and exhibitions for 11 Associations, including the 2010 biennial Cuntelles Kernewek – the gathering of all the U.K. Cornish Associations.

Werison an Gannas
Rag avonsyans a Gernow tramor.
The Ambassador’s Trophy
For the promotion of Cornwall Overseas.

Tom Knight – Bristol and District Cornish Association: Sculptor and Potter:
Born in St. Ives, a former President of Bristol Cornish Association, Tom has regularly attended many U.K. events for forty years, giving examples of his work: choughs, miners and fishes, as raffle prizes – tangible forms of the Cornish identity throughout the Diaspora. Samples of his work are displayed in the Tate St. Ives, and at 85 Tom recently visited Australia and New Zealand.

Aventuryans Kernow
Rag kowlwrians dres ehen yn Kernow gans nebonan usi ow tiskwedhes dallethieth ha drehedhes sewena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Tom Hazzledine – "Baker Tom":
Only in his twenties, Tom is expanding his own business himself and is hoping to open a café and another shop soon. He starts work at 8.00 p.m. then throughout the night until late morning, using organic ingredients, baked traditionally with no additives – do look at his website for details!

Attent Dres Ehen
Rag kowlwrians Kernewek dres ehen a dhendil aswonnans keswlasek.
Exceptional Endeavour
For an outstanding Cornish achievement meriting international recognition.

Julie Kitchen – Newlyn : World Muaythai Kick – boxing Champion:
Born and bred here in Kernow, Julie is an inspirational athlete. Her record-breaking achievements are immense and her determination, skill and drive are infectious as a trainer, charity supporter and motivator. At the moment she is committed to filming abroad so her twin daughters, themselves potential future champions, are here to accept this award.

Piwasow Ilow / Music Awards

Skoos an Orsedh
Rag gonis dres ehen dhe ilow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

David Ball – Mab Kymygieth Hag Ilow : St. Erth:
A most dedicated musician: firstly a very young treble in Perranunthnoe Church Choir; in 1995 David studied Chemistry, piano and organ at York University; since 1965 organist at St. Hilary; 1976 joined Penzance Orchestral Society – Honorary Conductor for 20 years and for 28 years has raised money for local charities, including Hospice Care with the Duchy Singers’ "Messiah".

Hanaf Sampson Hosking
Piwas res dhe ganoryon aga honan henavek.
Sampson Hosking Cup
Awarded to senior solo singers.

Wendy Cole – St. Austell:
Began singing aged five at Trethosa Chapel in Treviscoe and has won many awards since 1974 – including the County Music Festival Vocal Class twice and third place at the Llangollen International Festival. A Principal with St. Blazey Amateur Operatic Society before retirement, now a member of Cadenza Ladies’ Choir – raising money for local charities.

Hanaf Kowethas Kernewek Bournemouth
Rag Bagas Ilow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

Four Lanes Male Choir – Director: Alistair Taylor – Scoler Ylow a Gernow:
Recognised throughout Cornwall, many parts of England, Wales and some mainland European countries, the choir has one of the highest reputations. Membership currently stands at 75, singing throughout the year. Following the renowned founder members in 1994 and 1996 – 2004, Alistair Taylor – an international pianist, organist and baritone has continued to fulfil the choir’s aim: "We sing for pleasure – one and all" by winning many awards against international competition.

Werison Band Brest
Brass Band Trophy

Bodmin Town Band – Tamsin Carter – Gwandryades Ilow - Musical Wanderer:
After a disastrous arson attack two years ago, when absolutely everything (valued at almost £200,000) was lost in the inferno, the band has risen from the ashes to win the Violet Adams Memorial Trophy (first) and the Nicholl Challenge Trophy (second) in the West of England Bandsman’s Festival at Bugle recently.

Skoos Treverva
Rag person unnik a gennerth gwrians-ilow gans tus yowynk.
Treverva Shield
For an individual who encourages music-making by young people.

Helston School Jazz Orchestra – Musical Director : Clive King:
The successful orchestra was formed in 1998. Subsequently, Mr. King as Musical Director has nurtured their talents from 2006. The 14 – 19 year olds have won the hearts of Cornish people as Ambassador’s of Cornwall – this year in Monmouth winning the regional round of the National Concert Band Festival and progressing to the finals at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow next April.

Krows Cornwhylen
Rag gwrythyow ilowek a syns ynna elven gryjyk.
Cornwhylen Cross
For musical performances which include a religious element

Callington Singers : Musical Director & Conductor : Graham Williams – Calstock:
From their inaugural meeting in St. Mary’s Church, Callington in 1983 the singers have become well-known beyond the South-East, venturing over the Tamar, the Irish Sea and the Channel, singing in all of the world’s most famous cathedrals, the choir has enhanced Cornwall’s status as a Celtic Nation with music in its heart. The choir’s website is truly amazing!

Gorsedd Council Special Certificate Awardees

Chough Project

Claire Mucklow:
Rag hy nerth, hy fors ha’y hembronkieth y’n Dowlen Balores Kernow hag usi ow tiogel an termyn a dheu omma rag edhen Arthur.

For her energy, drive, and leadership in the Chough Project of Cornwall which is ensuring a future for Arthur’s bird here.

Peter Bowden:
Rag y rann ev y’n oberennow Towlen Balores Kernow hag yn arbennik y ober fur gans an diogyon Kernow ha’y verkyans orth taklow munys hag usi ow lewya dh’y sewena.

For his part in the operation of the Chough Project of Cornwall and especially for his careful work with our farmers and attention to the details which are leading to success.

Alastair Cameron:
Rag y ragwel ha’y furnedh yn unn dhalleth Towlen Balores Kernow wosa dehweles dhiw balores yn 2001, ha rag y gevro usi ow pesya dhedhi.

For his foresight and wisdom in initiating the Chough Project of Cornwall after the return of a pair in 2001, and for his continuing contribution to it.

Lindsay Butterfield:
Rag hy henerthans a vodhesigyon y’n Dowlen Balores Kernow ha hy ober usi ow pesya gansa, kyns oll yn ystynnans an dowlen dhe’n ranndir Lannyust.

For her encouragement of volunteers in the Chough Project of Cornwall and her continuing work with them especially in the expansion of the project to the St Just area.


Radford Trust

Jennet Campbell:
Rag hy ober sad gans an Trest Radford dres 30 bledhen yn unn dhri ilow dhe’n lies kemynieth a Gernow ha gweres tus yowynk dhe aswon aga gallos.

For her constant work with the Radford Trust over 30 years in bringing music to the many communities of Cornwall and helping young people to realise their musical potential.


Holyer An Gof Awards 2011

Holyer An Gof Awards
Terry Knight (acting Chair HAG), Ann Trevenen Jenkin (past Chair HAG)
and Mick Paynter (Grand Bard) - Bouquet presentation to Ann on her
stepping down from leading Holyer An Gof for 15 years.
Photographer - Ian Dunn.
  • Class 1 - Cornish Language Publications
    Winner – Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. Keskowsow Istorek ha Keskowsow. John Parker.
    Highly Commended – Evertype. Henry Jenner's Handbook of the Cornish Language. Revised by Michael Everson.
    Highly Commended – Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. Henwhedhlow. Stevyn Colgan.

  • Class 2 - Children's books
    Winner - Della Anguelov. The Port Jacob Trilogy. Della Anguelov.
    Highly Commended – Tabb House Publishers. The Tinner's Way. Craig Weatherhill.
    Commended - Luath Press Ltd. A Snail's Broken Shell. Ann Kelley.

    Holyer An Gof Awards
    Class 3: Mike O'Connor (author), and Mick Paynter (Grand Bard).
    Photographer - Ian Dunn.

  • Class 3 - Adult Fiction
    Winner – Ryelands. Voodoo Pilchard. Alan M. Kent.
    Highly Commended – Scryfa. Stones & Shadows. Jane Nancarrow.
    Highly Commended – The History Press. Cornish Folk Tales. Mike O'Connor.
    Commended - Scryfa. Now 'Ark to Aunt Sarah Anne. Liz Harman.

  • Class 4 - Adult Poetry & Drama
    Highly Commended - Palores Publications. Easing the Burden. J.G. Jolly.
    Highly Commended - Francis Boutle Publishers. Flight and Smoke - Poems. D. M. Thomas.
    Commended - Francis Boutle Publishers. A Mere Interlude. Alan M. Kent.

    Holyer An Gof Awards
    Class 5: Lucy Frears (author), Mick Paynter (Grand Bard).
    Photographer - Ian Dunn.

  • Class 5 - Non-Fiction Pubs. in which illustrations predominate
    Joint Winner - Tamar Valley AONB Service. Silver River. Virginia Spiers/Mary Martin.
    Joint Winner- Jenny Ward. The Yellow Pimpernel. Jenny Ward.
    Highly Commended - Seaman Publications. Sailing Ship to Super Liner. David Barnicoat.
    Highly Commended - Lucy Frears. Churks, Clidgy & Doodle-Dashers. Lucy Frears.
    Commended - Hilary Jean Gibson. Godolphin. Hilary Jean Gibson.

  • Class 6 - Non-Fiction: History & Creative Arts
    Winner - Patten Press. Even in this Place: 19thC Non-Conformists in Penzance. John Horner.
    Highly Commended - University of Exeter Press. John Betjeman and Cornwall. Philip Payton.
    Highly Commended - Polperro Heritage Press. Doctor by Nature: Jonathan Couch: Surgeon of Polperro. Jeremy Rowett Johns.
    Highly Commended - Boydell & Brewer Ltd (UK). Cornish Wrecking 1700 - 1860. Cathryn Pearce.
    Highly Commended -Boydell & Brewer Ltd (UK). A History of the County of Cornwall II - Religious History to 1560. Nicholas Orme.
    Commended -Trelease Publications. I Rode to St. Agnes - John Wesley & Methodism in a Cornish Parish. Clive Benney & Tony Mansell.
    Commended - Westcliffe Books. The Theatre of Cornwall. Alan M. Kent.

  • Class 7 - Non-Fiction - Science & Technology
    Winner - The Trevithick Society. The Metal Mines of West Cork. Diane Hodnett.
    Highly Commended - The St. Ives Printing & Publishing Co. Part of the Shore - The Saving of HMS Wave. Paul Moran.
    Highly Commended - Cornish Hillside Publications. Extraordinary Earths. Ronald Perry & Charles Thurlow.

    Holyer An Gof Awards
    Clive Boutle (of Francis Boutle Publishers) and Mick Paynter (Grand Bard).
    Photographer - Ian Dunn.

  • The Cornish Literary Guild Award
    Winner - Francis Boutle Publishers. Flight and Smoke - Poems. D M Thomas.

    Holyer An Gof Awards
    Paul Holden and Mick Paynter (Grand Bard)
    Photographer - Ian Dunn.

  • Holyer an Gof Trophy - Major Overall Award
    Overall Winner - Cornwall Editions Ltd. The Lanhydrock Atlas. Paul Holden, P.Herring, O. Padel.
Ann Trevenen Jenkin, An Gernyk, Leedstown, Hayle TR27 6BA.
Past Chair of Holyer an Gof Committee. Tel: 01736-850332.

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