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This is an archived page. Please see the news for bards page for up-to-date events.

Gorsedh Kernow needs a (voluntary) marketing assistant to help organise merchandise stalls and promote their events. If you're able to help, please contact Gareth Parry in the first instance: or 01209 215917.

Yma edhom dhe Orsedh Kernow a dhabarer marghasans (po dabarores, heb mar!) rag gweres gans an restrans a stallow gwara hag avonsyans y hwarvosow.. Mar hyllowgh hwi gweres, gwrewgh kestava mar pleg Gareth Parry wostalleth: po 01209 215917.

Saturday 16th. April is the date both of the Proclamation in St. Keverne and the Annual General Meeting of Gorsedh Kernow (St Keverne Parish Hall - see Feb/Mar/April newsletter) The Membership Secretary David Holman (Rifelwas) has sent details to all Bards with the agenda, minutes from last year's AGM and reports. Please bring copies of these with you if you can.

Gorsedh Council meetings:

13th. February (with Admissions Group meeting in the morning)

16th. April (with AGM and Proclamation on the same day - details in the Feb/Mar/April newsletter)

9th. July

22nd. October (with Ceremonial group meeting in the morning)

Information on the 2016 calendars and desk diary.


February/March/April 2016

November/December/January 2015-6

August/September/October 2015.

Important Message from John Jenkin

I am the Regalia Registrar and have a written photographic record of all regalia items and the names of current holders. When there is a change of holder, as occasionally happens and always happens on a change of Grand Bard/DGB etc., I need to know. In the past an item has gone missing, sometimes permanently,  because a holder has passed it to somebody else without notification. This is important as it is the only way I can keep the records up-to-date. 

My contact details are John Jenkin, Carrek an Jawl, Regalia Registrar. Email Postal address  - 6 Gilbert Rd. Bodmin, Kernow, PL31 2BY.  Regards. John.



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