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Information on the 2016 calendars and desk diary.


November/December/January 2015-6

August/September/October 2015.

Important Message from John Jenkin

I am the Regalia Registrar and have a written photographic record of all regalia items and the names of current holders. When there is a change of holder, as occasionally happens and always happens on a change of Grand Bard/DGB etc., I need to know. In the past an item has gone missing, sometimes permanently,  because a holder has passed it to somebody else without notification. This is important as it is the only way I can keep the records up-to-date. 

My contact details are John Jenkin, Carrek an Jawl, Regalia Registrar. Email Postal address  - 6 Gilbert Rd. Bodmin, Kernow, PL31 2BY.  Regards. John.


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