Esedhvos Festival

This is an archived page (1.11.16.). Please see the Esedhvos page for up-to-date information.

Grand Bard Merv Davey

The Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture promotes and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity and Celtic heritage.

The Cornish equivalent of the Welsh Eisteddfod and Breton Gorsedd, it is held in Cornwall every year in the days surrounding the annual Gorsedh Kernow bardic ceremony.

The range of events is wide, open to the public and mostly free of charge, taking place in locations close to the current Gorsedh ceremony site.

Festival events usually include a Book Fair, a one-day conference, a ceilidh, a concert, a bi-lingual Sunday Evensong and the opportunity to try out a bit of the Cornish language for yourself. Often there are talks, walks or demonstrations of local interest.

Yeth an Werin

On Gorsedh Saturday itself, the impressive ceremony is augmented by colourful stalls on the Gorsedh Field. Here you may browse among stalls offering Cornish crafts, foods and drink, you can find information on local organisations and societies and also learn about Cornwall’s native language, Kernewek.

For more about the Esedhvos Festival, listen to Radyo Gernewegva.



2016 Programme

Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture, St Keverne
Wednesday 31st August - Sunday 4th September 2016

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Wednesday 31st August

The Grand Bard’s chair will be on display in St Keverne Parish Church, The Square, St Keverne, TR12 6NE until Friday 2nd September. Free entry, but donations to the church welcome.  There will also be a display of entries for the Gorsedh Young Peoples’ Awards.

Thursday 1st September

11am - 3pm Book launch & Cornish Book Fair @ St Keverne Parish Hall, Well Lane, St Keverne TR12 6LZ. Plus a series of short talks through the day. Free entry.  Accessible for people with disabilities. Programme.

Gorsedh Kernow Awards

6pm Displays and video presentations @ St Keverne Parish Church, The Square, St Keverne, TR12 6NE.
7.30pm Presentation of Awards by Grand Bard Merv Davey, Telynor an Weryn, with performances and readings from winning entries. 

Friday 2nd September

Garry Tregidga

10am - 4.30pm Conference “Border At RIsk” @ St Keverne Parish Hall, Well Lane, St Keverne TR12 6LZ.
The Boundary Commission is currently reviewing Cornwall’s thousand year old border.  This conference will explore the issues and make the case for keeping our border intact. Speakers include Tom Fidler, Dr John Kirkhope, Mark Owen - National Trails Officer South West Coastpath, Ian Saltern - Community Development Consultant and Dr Garry Tregidga - Institute of Cornish Studies.
Tickets £5 to include pasty lunch.  All welcome. Pre-booking is advised on 01326 280 864.  Free parking at Roskilly’s Field by St Keverne Band Room, TR12 6NG. Full access to St Keverne Parish Hall for people with disabilities.



7pm An Kerdh /The Walk – A Community Play by the Mullion Cornish Language Group.  A lighthearted play, written by Ellen Moule, about Mary Kelynack’s walk to London for the Great Exhibition of 1851.

8pm Cornish Troyl/Ceilidh with Penzance Guizers
St Keverne Parish Hall, Well Lane, TR12 6LZ.   Free.  Parking at Roskilly’s Field by St Keverne Band Room, TR12 6NG.

Saturday 3rd September

Gorsedh Kernow Bardic Ceremony including installation of new bards.  All welcome to attend, bring the family.  Free entry.                                 
11am Cornish stalls open @ St Keverne Playing Field, School Hill, St Keverne TR12 6NQ.
1.30pm  Grand Procession of Bards from St Keverne Primary School, School Hill, St Keverne.
2pm  Gorsedh Kernow Bardic Ceremony will take place @ St Keverne Playing Field, School Hill, St Keverne TR12 6NQ.  Free entry.  All welcome.
7pm Gala Concert @ St Keverne Parish Hall, Well Lane, St Keverne TR12 6LZ.
Tickets £5 on the door only. Parking at Roskilly’s Field by St Keverne Band Room.  Full access for people with disabilities. With Maen Voes Choir, The An Gov Players, The An Gof Band and St Keverne Silver Band.

8.30pm  Cornish singalong @ The White Hart Hotel, The Square, St Keverne. Led by Matthi Clarke.  All welcome whether singers or not. Free. Full access for people with disabilities. Parking in The Square or at Roskilly’s Field by St Keverne Band Room.

Sunday 4th September

10.00am – 11.00am  “Boden Vean prehistoric site and fogou” talk by James Gossip, Project Officer, Cornwall Council Archaeology Unit, @ Porthallow Village Hall, Porthallow, TR12 6PN followed by refreshments.  Free. Full access for people with disabilities. Parking on beach outside hall.

11am - 1pm “Myttin Lowender” Cornish language taster session @ Porthallow Village Hall. Free. All welcome.  Full access for people with disabilities. Carpark  on beach outside.

3pm Evening Prayer in Cornish @ St Keverne Parish Church. Free with retiring collection for the church.  All welcome. Entrance to St Keverne Parish Church is via the south door. Disabled access is via a path beside the Band Room which takes you into the churchyard and thence to the church.

Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture
is supported by St Keverne Parish Council, St Keverne Primary School, St Keverne Local History Society, St Keverne Parish Church, Robinson Reed Layton, Chough’s Brewery, Cornish Sea Salt Company and The White Hart.

(Please note some details of the Esedhvos programme may be subject to change.  Please re-visit for the latest information)

The whole experience gives you the opportunity each year to visit one of Cornwall’s beautiful, historic but maybe lesser-known towns and to explore Cornwall’s heritage and culture in a friendly, happy atmosphere of celebration.

  • Do you have any queries or comments?

  • Would you like to take a stall on the Gorsedh Field or at the Book Fair?

Contact Pat Parkins, the Esedhvos Events Manager, either by email on or by leaving a text message or voicemail on our dedicated Esedhvos phoneline 077 621 69 733 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Report on the festival in 2015 from Pat Parkins, Esedhvos Events Manager:

Bethany Lyne, Lady of the Flowers 2016

A lively and interesting week of Esedhvos events surrounded this year’s St Austell Gorsedh. Wheal Martyn and St Austell Library staged displays and activities, and our own events began on Thursday with the Book Launch and Fair, including the sale of many unusual and rare Cornish books, and featuring short talks on local literary celebrities.

An atmospheric Thursday evening of traditional and dialect songs and stories was packed to the doorway.

Friday’s Conference was a sell-out (as were the excellent local lunchtime pasties!). We then danced Friday evening away at St Austell Brewery, also tasting the special

On Gorsedh Day itself, we were lucky to persuade some interesting stalls to attend and to have welcome refreshments (and more excellent pasties!) provided by St Austell Football Club. After the Bardic Tea there was a choice of venue (some of us managed both) of a wonderful and evocative Concert (where the Trelawny finale raised yet another roof) and a Cornish language singalong  in the bar of the White Hart, ably supported by the Mayor, sporting his chain of office!

Sunday was a beautiful warm sunny day, just right for our guided tour of some of St Austell’s lesser-known and very interesting spots, including a surprise visit to a medieval tucking-mill, currently under restoration. A well-attended Myttin Lowender resulted in some firm commitments to start attending Cornish classes.

For Evensong in the Parish Church, the sun streamed through the wonderful stained-glass windows. Beautiful Cornish singing from the Choir and a large congregation floated across St Austell from the open church door - a final echo of a stimulating and very happy week.



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Hemm yw folen kovskrif (1.11.16). Gwra gweles an folen Esedhvos rag kedhlow a-lemmyn mar pleg.

Dons 'sarf'

Esedhvos Gorsedh Kernow a’s teves bern a-dro dh’agan honanieth wonisogethel ha’gan ertach keltek. 

Haval dhe’n Esedhvos kembrek ha’n Gorsedd bretonek, ev a hwer pub bledhen y’n dedhyow  yn-kerghyn an Orsedh hy honan.

Gans meur a hwarvosow gonisogethel dihaval, an brassa rann anedha heb kost,  rag oll an werin yw an Esedhvos, mayth omlowenhahons yn tyller an Orsedh.

Herwydh usadow, yn Dedhyow an Esedhvos y kevir Fer Lyvrow, Jorna Keskussulyans, Troyll, Gool Ilow, Gwesper Diwyethek ha Myttin Lowender Kernewek.  Y hwyrvydh martesen ynwedh arethow, keskerdhow po diskwedhyansow a-dro dhe vateryow a’n ranndir.

Dy’Sadorn  an Orsedh, y fydh stallow afinys oll a-dro dhe Bark an Solempnita hag y hyllir gwandra ow mires orth kreftow, boos ha diwes kernewek, kavos kedhlow yn kever kowethasow teythyek, ha praktisya  agas Kernewek gans tus orth stall agan yeth!
Ottomma kedhlow rag an Esedhvos 2016 esa yn Lannahevren.

Rag klewes moy a-dro dhe'n Esedhvos, gwrewgh goslowes orth Radyo Gernewegva.


Towlen 2016

Esedhvos Gool Gonisogeth Gernewek, Lannahevran
Dy'Mergher 31ves a vis Est - dy'Sul 4a a vis Gortheren

Gwrewgh mires orth an Sowsnek mar pleg!

Gwrewgh erghi agas toknys Keskussulyans Gorsedh Kernow 2016 dre an furvlen ma.Hwi a yll tyli dre checken po an boton a-woles.

Der an prevyans ma pub bledhen, yth aswonir milwell trevow kernewek teg hag istorek hag omlowenhe yn prysweyth kernewek gwir.

  • Eus govynn po kampol dhywgh?

  • Eus hwans dhywgh kemeres stall po war Bark an Orsedh po orth an Fer Lyvrow?

Gwrewgh kestava Pat Parkins, Dyghtyer Hwarvosow an Esedhvos:
po der ebost orth po ow kasa messach tekst poken lev  yn klappkodh an Esedhvos 077 621 69 733 ha ni a vynn gorthybi skaffa gyllyn.


Derivas a-dro dhe'n Esedhvos 2015 dhyworth Pat Parkins, Dyghtyores Hwarvosow Esedhvos 2015:

Tom Fidler dhe'n Keskusulyans

Seythun vywek ha dhidheurek hwarvasow an Esedhvos a gyrghynnas an Orsedh Sen Ostel hevlyna. Displetyansow ha bywderyow a hwarva orth Hwel Martyn ha Lyverva Sen Ostel, ha’gan hwarvasow agan honan a dhallathas dy’Yow orth Lonch ha Fer Lyver, gans ynwedh stallow ow kwertha lies lyver anusadow ha tanow a-dro dhe Gernow, hag arethow berr a-dro dhe dus a vri lyennek an ranndir.

Dy’Yow gorthugherweyth o awenek, stevell leun a dus bys y’n daras, ow koslowes orth kanow ha drollow hengovek.

Kadoryow rag an Keskusulyans dy’Gwener a veu gwerthys yn tien (hag ynwedh an pastiow leel sawrek rag li!). Wosa henna, ni a dhonsyas dres an gorthugher oll yn Bragji Sen Ostel, ow plasa an korev arbennik  ‘Gorsedh Ale’  ynwedh.

Dydh an Orsedh y honan, feusik en ni dri nebes stallow didheurek dhe’n park, hag yth esa boes ha diwes pur dhe les gans eseli Para Peldroes Sen Ostel. Wosa an Te Bardhek, yth esa dewis (ha nebes ahanan a gowlwrug an dew): Goel Ilow marthusek ha prederus (yn le

mayth o to arall drehevys arta gans Trelawney avel finweyth) ha kenys yn Kernewek yn barr an White Hart, skoedhys yn ta gans an Mer, gwiskys yn kadon y soedh!

Dy’Sul o dydh teg, toemm ha howlyek, splann rag agan keskerdh dhe dylleryow le aswonnys ha pur didheurek Sen Ostel, hag ynwedh godrik sowdhanus dhe velin troghyer a’n Oes Kres, esa ow pos dastrehevys. Y synsis Myttin Lowender sewenus, o sywys gans nebes tus a vynn dalleth klassow Kernewek.

Rag Gwesperyow yn Eglos an Bluw, an howl a frosas der fenestri an eglos, fethus aga kwarelys liwys. Kenys teg yn Kernewek a-dhiworth an Keur ha’n kuntellyans bras a neuvellas a-dreus Sen Ostel dre dharas igerys an eglos - dasson finek dhe seythun gentrynnys ha pur lowen.



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