Initiation of the Reverend Julyan Drew

On Tuesday 11th June the Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne, Melennek and a small group of bards gathered for a short private ceremony at the home of the Rev Julyan Drew, a new initiate who had graciously accepted the honour of bardship with the intention of attending the 2019 bardic ceremony in St Just.

Sadly, due to his diminishing health, Rev Drew’s family felt that he might become too fragile and that it would be too much for him to take part in the September ceremony, and it was decided that the honour of bardship would be conferred on Rev Drew at his home at the earliest possible time.

Julyan, dressed in his bardic robe and surrounded by his family, was received into the bardic circle in the presence of a small circle of robed fellow bards who participated in a shortened ceremony which included the welcome, the cry of peace, the bardic prayer, the initiation, the singing of Bro Goth Agan Tasow and the closing cry of peace.  The Grand Bard Melennek presented Julyan with his certificate, confirming his bardic name of Hwilor an Golow (Seeker of the Light).  Smiles and congratulatory applause from all those present rounded off a very intimate and emotionally moving event.

Although, as far as we understand from senior bards, no such ceremony has ever taken place before, this special ceremony is entirely in line with the Gorsedh Kernow constitution where “the Grand Bard may in cases of exceptional urgency or difficulty initiate persons elected as bards other than at a Gorsedh kernow ceremony.”

The family of Hwilor an Golow expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Grand Bard and to Julyan’s fellow bards for agreeing to arrange such an event which proved to be very special for all those who were there.

Myrghwyn Melynor


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