THE HOLYER YEAR 2018-19 (for books published in 2018)

Wednesday 5th. September 2018

Review Meeting of Readers. Kresen Kernow, Redruth. 1.30 pm

By the end of September 2018

Website updated to show any changes

Thursday November 1st. 2018

First date for the submission of books published in 2018

Thursday 28th. February 2019

Closing date for books published in 2018

Early March 2019

Distribution meeting. Beginning of Reading Period 1

Early April 2019

Beginning of Reading Period 2

Early May 2019

Beginning of Reading Period 3

Mid-June 2019

Readers' meeting to evaluate entries and publication of nominations on website. Invitations to ceremony sent out to all submitting publishers and nominated writers.

Early July

Awards Presentation Evening

Early September

Review Meeting for Readers


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