For books published on or between January 1st and December 31st 2017

Please note! We're now at the end of the 'Holyer Year' and there may be changes to this page after our review meeting in September 2018. Please come back in the middle of that month for up-to-date information.


These annual publishers' awards are promoted by Gorsedh Kernow for publications about Cornwall, set in Cornwall or in Cornish (Kernewek).  The overall award - The original Holyer an Gof Cup is perpetual, and given in memory of the Cornish publisher, Leonard Truran, carrying forward his bardic name. 

Entries for the above awards are invited from Monday October 2nd. 2017..  The closing date is Wednesday 28th February 2018 .Please re-visit this website and ensure that you are using a current entry form. Please note this deadline has passed for this year.

A complete list of entries will be published on this website soon after the closing date.

Entries can only be accepted from publishers and will not be accepted directly from authors unless the publication is self-published.   The submission of an author’s work by the publisher will be taken as agreement by the author that he/she is willing for the work to be submitted and considered for an award.

There are six primary classes this year, four of them with two to four sub-classes.* Please note that Class 1 has an additional sub-class this year - Books translated into Cornish. You should enter the most appropriate sub-class but if in doubt please contact us and we will try and provide some advice - contact details are given at the bottom of this page. This year books may be entered in two separate classes if appropriate.

Nominations and winners will be determined for each of the sub-classes, providing there is at least one entry of sufficient quality. This year there will be no amalgamation of sub-classes for judgement purposes. The publisher of the overall winner of the awards will be asked to nominate a Cornish charity of their choice to receive a donation.

Classes for entries

  Class 1: Dylansow yn Kernewek  (Publications in the Cornish language)
  1.0     Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas ( Books in Cornish for teaching )
  1.1     Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes ( Books in Cornish for children )
  1.2     Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow ( Books in Cornish for adults ) 
  1.3     Lyvrow trelyes yn Kernewek ( Books translated into Cornish ) * 
  Class 2: Books for children 
  2.0     Books for children of primary age
  2.1     Books for young adults
  Class 3: Adult fiction
  3.0     Adult fiction
  Class 4: Poetry and Drama
  4.0       Poetry
  4.1       Drama
  Class: 5: Non-fiction
  5.0       History, language and creative arts
  5.1       Marine, industrial heritage and the environment
  5.2       Non-fiction books in which illustrations predominate
  Class 6: Booklets
  6.0      Booklets - publications of 80 pages or less

Where a number of entries are on very similar topics we reserve the right to create a special class for one year to ensure that there is fair comparison between the publications. If such a class is created the publishers will be contacted. In the past such classes have been justified for, for example, music or cookery..

The classes for judging may be amended at a meeting of Readers immediately after the closing date for the receipt of books, and will be determined by the balance of books received. Holyer an Gof may change the class for which a book has been entered if it is particularly inappropriate.  The relevant publisher will always be informed of this decision.  There is no separate class for works in dialect; they should be entered in the relevant class according to genre (not class 1) .

The evaluation of each publication is carried out by a number of Readers.   Many are Bards of Gorsedh Kernow, and all are chosen for their expertise and experience.

Anonymous evaluations are submitted to a meeting of all readers, who nominate a selection of publications for possible awards in each class. The nominations will be published on this website soon after the evaluation meeting in June and the winners of each class will be announced at the awards evening, together with the winners of the other awards (see below).

The awards evening for the nominated publishers and their authors will be held at the Royal Cornwall Museum on 11th. July 2018, with an invited guest list.  All winners and nominees will receive a Gorsedh Kernow certificate.   All publishers submitting books will be invited. Only nominated authors will receive an invitaton.


  1. The awards will be made for material first published anywhere during the year 2017 about Cornwall, set in Cornwall or in Kernewek - the Cornish language. Books previously published overseas which have not been entered previously, but are published in the United Kingdom for the first time during 2017 are also admissible.  Second and subsequent editions will only be considered where the publisher can demonstrate substantial changes, or where an earlier edition was published before the inception of Holyer an Gof Awards in 1996.
  2. The entries should be carefully edited, quality publications.
  3. The publications should add to the knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of Cornish life, literature or culture in Cornwall and/or throughout the world.
  4. Publications may be entered in a maximum of two classes. If possible, a single class should be chosen.   
  5. The criteria for evaluation of publications are contained in the Guidelines for Readers, which are available on this website.

Details of Entry

Please send or deliver your publications(s) with an entry form(s), which are downloadable here, to:

FAO Kim Cooper, The Cornish Studies Library, Alma Place, Redruth TR15 2AT.
Opening times:  Weekdays except Wednesday 10.00 am to 5.00pm,  Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm
Tel:  01209 216 760.       Email:  cornishstudies.library@cornwall.gov.uk

Please ensure that the envelope/package is clearly marked 'Holyer an Gof Publishers' Awards Scheme'.

Books will not usually be returned, unless you state on your entry form that you will arrange for their collection from Redruth before the end of September 2018,  Otherwise, they will be donated to the Cornish Studies Library or sold to help defray the cost to Gorsedh Kernow of the Holyer an Gof Awards and the donations to charity.

In case of queries please e-mail: enquiries@holyerangofawards.org.uk